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January 7, 2019 / 8:00 pm | Story:

UPDATED: 8:00 p.m.

The RCMP has ratified 14 arrested protesters in Houston.

The court passed several hours after the police facilitated meetings between the Citizens' Cabinet and Coastline Gaslink Pipeline SL in an effort to solve the problem without police involvement.

After the speeches failed, access to the service was accessed in the RCMP lock area to access a pipeline project.

Wet & # 39; suwet & # 39; in First Nation's Gidimt clan members created an area control area and control area.

ORIGINAL: 4 p.m.

The RCMP said it was necessary to remove a breach from the US B.C. Avoid access to the pipeline project.

In an expression, the RCMP, who came to protest camp on Monday, told B.C. it would enforce a provisional ruling. The Supreme Court in mid-December. The Court ordered the removal of any obstruction obstructing the Coastal GasLink project.

The report said the police created an exclusion zone. RCMP has not received an update on execution operation on Monday night.

Wet & # 39; Suwet's Gidimt's clan members created First Nation's control area and field in Southwestern Houston, west of Prince George to control access.

The court gave 72 hours to eliminate the opposition, and the police did not happen, the Gaslink Pipeline SL coastline prevents any nearby work.

At the TransCanada petrol station, Coastal GasLink's gas station brought Kitimat to Dawson Creek's natural gas.

The company said it has signed a United Nations agreement with LNG Canada's $ 40 million liquefied natural gas project, Kitimat, but the demonstrators of Wet & # 39; suwet & # 39; s chiefs, are not legally licensed, are unauthorized.

The release was released on Sunday B.C. On behalf of Union Grand Chief Stewart Phillip. Indian Chiefs said five clusters of Wet's suwet, including Gidimt, build oil and gas pipelines in the country.

"The federal provincial and federal government must confirm the permissions of this project for free authorization prior to the prior and informed standards," said Phillip.

Mounties said areas of exclusion and closed roads were close to the Morice river bridge.

"These areas will be clearly marked and the media / public will welcome the perimeter, but no one can enter the exclusion areas," he said.

LNG Canada announced its plans to install Kitimat as an export facility in October.

$ 6.2 million pipe construction, which is 670 kilometers long, will begin a month.


One of the best wooden roller coasters in the world is here in our backyard.

Ello Coaster, a web site for roller coaster fans, posted a new survey on Monday, a great icon of Vancouver's PNE Vancouver in the world's 15th.

Roller coaster was opened in 1958, the annual survey of the 12th.

Over 14 years ago, it's the only Canadian ride rated in the 100s.

Roller coaster, when its 60th anniversary was celebrated in 2018, promoted a 75-hp electric motor.

The three cars on the route have a capacity for 16 people.

The trains travel at a 45-kilometer-time speed over five hundred miles of the route.

500,000 people walk through the roller coaster year round.

It is listed as "Coaster Classic".

Police are investigating after a man who died on Sunday the Kicking Horse Mountain Golden resort.

30-year-old men died inside frontiers, CTV News reports.

He announced that a friend was missing him and the worker found a body on his stairs about 7 api.

BC Coroners Service is also investigating death.

– CTV with Vancouver files


An external traveler had to move to Vancouver from the North Shore Mountains on Monday.

He used a long line of a North Shore Rescue helicopter, which rescues the CTV News reports that are steep and rugged.

The man did not hurt himself.

– CTV with Vancouver files

UPDATED: 6:18 p.m.

Imperial Metal says the Mount Polley Suspension Plan involves milling low stockpile, expected at the end of May 2019 to expand operations.

The company did not respond promptly for more details, because much of the jobs would be suspended by the north-eastern mining operations of Williams Lake.

Polley Mountain Workers, United Steelworkers Local 1-2017, did not respond immediately to the request.

Imperial Metal said in August that Polly Mountain Workers were joining a three-year contract, after a strike on May, after a company blockade.

Bryan Cox, President of the B.C. Mining Association, has said that mine is an important employer of the Cariboo region and creates indirect jobs in the provinces.

"There is really a provestual effect to affect our operations in B.C.," he said. "This is a great news for the province".

– Canadian press

ORIGINAL: 2:45 p.m.

Imperial Metal has announced that the mining of Polley Mountain has ceased operations due to low copper prices.

The mines carrying about 370 workers, will have a mineral mill to collect mills until May 2019.

"The whole operation will improve when the economic mining of Mount Polley improves," said the company in a short statement.

At 56 kilometers northeast of Williams Lake, it became the collapse of the reed pond in 2014, one of the largest in history, which included 24 million cubic meters of mining and pasture in nearby canals. It progressed in July 2015.

Imperial Metal says the move does not have any risk to environmental monitoring and remediation.

January 7, 2019 / 2:02 p.m. | Story:

One of the major insurance companies is fighting after B.C. The court ruled over two years ago, thanks to a policy that covers the tight seal of gold stolen Metro Vancouver.

B.C. The Supreme Court sent a default judgment against Underwriters' lawsuit last month, demanded by Forgotten Treasures International Inc. and chairman Ron Shore to pay damages and expenses that cost him little.

But court documents claim that Lloyd wants to go back to court to say that in February he has to overcome the default judgment to say that Shore breaches the insurer's conditions.

The court ruled that Lloyd's Shore was formally answering a formal tribunal, but Lloyd's statement in the last month told the Shore lawyer that he was well aware that the insurer preferred to report the response.

Lloyd also says that his lawyer told Shore's adviser that he could not confirm the default procedures, but the insurer says he has been informed about the trial four days after.

The insurer says "it is not necessarily aware" and he looks for special costs that "the party's legal behavior is essential."

Eight kilograms were the documents presented by Shore, the last golden eagle statue made up of 763 diamonds, 56 kilates weight, 930,450 euros, estimated in May 2016.

For this reason, Delako police attacked and stole Shore, a statue and a similar silver car, after an international treasure hunt.

Jewel statue and silver version were hunts awards as a result of a fundraiser for cancer research, which claims claiming.

Many treasure hunters that were discovered in 12 different places in North America and Europe were found to find a clue obtained on a silver plate of 12 trees.

Five Silver Eagles, worth $ 175,000, were already rewarded by the Shore attacked, stuck on the head and stole the statue that led to a backpack.

The golden eagle was sold at the end of the treasure trove, saving $ 1 million worth of the winner's prize, saying he forgot Treasury documents and $ 400,000 curious bird insurance policy, which was the responsibility of losing the silver statue. It was established at $ 53,750.

The documents presented in Lloyd's November documents are the $ 710,000 and $ 53,750 policies of the liability for article liability.

The insurer denied the coverage in October 2016, as Shore's civil claim.

Insurance agents. The center, as well as being sued, replied that the shore of the fishery was being transported by "knowing it or knowing what was needed by the policy".

Lloyd accepts allegations when submitting applications, for more information on the Claimed Treasury.

The policy covers the following conditions: one of them insults the coverage of the insured by personal arrests and security control and guaranteed by insured officials or representatives, said the application.

Shore's claims that the state was gone tonight, the states disappeared, but Lloyd's disagreements appeared on Shore Tanya Merx's friend and psychologist, who was not trained in security.

"In Merx's statement, it's also clear that Mr. Shore did not report bad news, but escaped from one scene to another and did not see any new robbery, the insured article at all times," says Lloyd.

Shore's claim seeks out judgments that are validated by policies and "covers all losses in the policy period."

It also includes special damages, penalties and fines, for $ 400,000 for eagle-covered gold and diamonds and $ 53,750 for silver statues.

The hearing of the default judgment will be established on February 26 of Vancouver.

After eight years, after a pickup, he walked his bicycle next to the Nanaimo home on the weekend.

Event occurred 11:40 a.m. Sunday at Nelson Street through CTV News Reports.

The researchers said a boy had a helmet wearing his brothers.

Paramedics worked for a boy in the hospital, but shortly after, he was injured.

The driver of the truck kept the scene and cooperated with the police. Drug, alcohol and speed are not considered factors.

The police say that there are additional officers and the cunning tips will be in the boy to help students and workers who cause death.

The police acknowledged the foreigners who had been helping the boys.

– CTV files in Vancouver Island

& # 39; & # 39; Bob & # 39; & # 39; He was found in the vicinity of the nearby bullring in the Vancouver Valley.

Elk joined the wire in the neck and the antlers, CTV News reports.

Conservation officers have found an animal in Youbou, in the western part of Duncan, and have calmed down to get rid of the cannons.

Roosevelt joined together, that is, it is a dangerous species on the island.

Once the "Bob" consciousness was restored, the animal re-assembled her herd.

– CTV files in Vancouver Island

January 7, 2019 / 12:16 | Story:

A lawyer against a 12-year-old lawyer arrested on Merritt says his client said he had lied it when he was called off by Mr Big's operation.

In the final arguments of B.C. The Supreme Court's jury, Patrick Angly, has said that Garry Handle has spoken several liars for almost nine months in full-time positions, not because he is boasting as Crown suggests, but "is a liar."

Angly talks about Handlen's lie as saying he was part of the British Air Force's Special Service, selling internationally as an underwater diving agent and investigating a pilot's license.

Angly said that this was not true, but his client had the best interest in carrying out his lies and, although he admitted that he was dying, he felt his dreams come closer to a group of organized crime.

Handlen was not recognized when the first coffin was killed, Monica Jack, who was born on May 6, 1978, on her bike at Merritt.

Heads of RCMP handled at the beginning of 2014, Minden, Ont., And paid almost $ 12,000, for example, recruiting cigarettes, loan sharks and vehicle recovery.

The new year is the deadly beginning of B.C. highway

The police say four people have been killed, in the first seven days of 2019.

Both vehicles of the Field Highway 1 20 kilometer vehicle caused the first January mortality on January 4.

The police say that this winged vehicle of two women, crossing the middle line and moving the truck to the west.

"Sedan's female passenger (a resident of Alberta) died as a result of corruption," said a RCMP spokeswoman.

The driver of the sedan suffered serious injuries while the truck driver was not there.

Two days later, on January 6, two people separated two dead people.

Deas Island Traffic Service responded to a conversation about single vehicles in Richmond Highway 99 about 1 around. A single-woman woman crashed the road and crashed a freeway signal, dropping it and partially submerged in a hole.

The police said the woman was under the continent.

On the same day, before the age of 6, Fernie RCMP crashed three cars at Highway 3.

"Until then, it was determined that a Western vehicle driven by a single male occupation crossed the center line, and they knocked on a van and a commercial vehicle and the second vehicle," said the spokeswoman.

The driver of the Westbound vehicle was not wearing a seatbelt and crashed.

The two passenger cars lasted lasting, and the driver of the third vehicle was not injured.

Vernon RCMP last month passed on Sunday to Birne Road at Highway 97, less than 3 hours.

"After a vehicle, three vehicles went to the south with two other vehicles," said the spokeswoman. "One of the vehicles was hit, the driver lost control and rocked his face, and he was successful in his car as a result of his death.

Police remind drivers to be careful slowing down the road and weather conditions changing.

The protesters at the court have organized a protest at noon on Tuesday in Victoria's legislature.

The ones called by the group, "Rise and Resist," says the social network in social networks that Wet & # 39; suwet in First Nation accepts.

Notifies the members of the CTV News clan
Face-to-face recovery actions are starting to be blocked by RCMP after the construction of the LNG pipeline.

"The RCMP ultimatum, TransCanada access to allow Wet & # 39; Suwet's territory or coping with the invasion, is a war action," said Jennifer Wickham, Wet & # 39; suwet & # 39; in Gidimt & # 39; s clan members .

The statement also indicates that supporters will be in the BC Legislature "in order to give up without permission outside of the legislature to leave Belleville Street" at noon, depending on the Facebook page of the event.

"This Lekwungen homeland is the local response to Wet & # 39; suwet & # 39; in Access Point at Gidumt & # 39; s Land Action for an international day call," the organizer wrote. "Our message is clear: the law of indigenous territories is in territorial territories and traditional owners have the right to refuse access to the territories."

This is a protest against tomorrow's scheduled pipes.

Two Canadian police have acquitted sex in prison for a Canadian study on land today.

B.C. Police Crime Commissioner's Office is opening a case study, CTV News reports.

Vancouver Police Const. Mark Simms was arrested while jailing a 17-year-old Ontario girlfriend out of jail for Konst. Jordan's long port was reported by the Moody Police for being accomplished.

They were acquitted in November, but the acquittal was forbidden to leave in Cuba while appealing.

They arrived home on the weekend and now they will face the new probe.

– CTV with Vancouver files

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