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Coastal GasLink gas stations may face federal regulatory reviews


Wet & # 39; suwet & nbsp; Nation's chief citizen opposition, Coastal GasLink plans a new fight that rages the proposed natural gas project.

The National Energy Council (NEB) initiated a last fall, with $ 4.8 million in pipeline, depending on federal jurisdiction, and perhaps more regulatory reviews.

The hearing has not yet been scheduled, but the NEB has listed the deadlines submitted between January and March.

675 kilometers of gasoline, Groundbirch, B.C., Kitimat, B.C. In order to move the natural gas mobility, the officials of the international export companies cleared the company in April 2016. TransCanada Corp is currently officially named TC Energy.

But Wet & # 39; suwet's Nation members in Northern B.C. Territories have established areas that do not accept the pipeline, establishing areas with fortified fortifications, to avoid cross-border construction work and bridge personnel. This week, the RCMP set a penalty for access to staff.

The NEB case was Smithers, B.C., a resident of Michael Sawyer, an environmental consultant, who has more than two decades of the Alberta energy sector, believes he is dependent on the federal jurisdiction of the project.

Although TransCanada Corp. presented a process before a process, although the NEB questioned the court case, it would have serious consequences.

"Problems of uncertainty and instability would arise when they threaten global competitiveness in Canada," said TransCanada.

"It would bring genuine real profits in B.C., including the United Nations, in danger."

The company said it was "disappointed" by the UN resolution of October 2018 to review jurisdictional arguments.

The project carried out a thorough review of environmental and technical work for two years through the "B.C. regulatory system.

State of intervention status

The NEB approved the state government of the British, BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan states in December.

The various energy companies that participate in the project, such as Shell Canada and PetroChina Canada, are part of the participation of the Kitimat LNG terminal.

Wet's hereditary leadership, along with 11 other Nationals, demanded that the participant request the first round of the process, but NEB dismissed them.

B.C. The Ministry of Energy and Mines did not comment, but the province showed that the project was its responsibility.

Canada's Canadian Natural Resources spokeswoman Vanessa Adams said in an e-mail statement that the problem had reached the NEB.

The Alberta government did not respond to requesting a comment.

Visit Gidimt & # 39; s in Campora

Sawyer said B.C. Judge refuses to prosecute the forensic staff, not before entering into the decision of the whole event of the project.

"The wicked government is my challenger and knows TransCanada, but that mention is not made in the application of sanctions," Sawyer said.

"It is very curious that they take these dramatic steps in a project that is unlawful."

The RCMP officers will approach the Barricade at the Gidimt camp B.C. north on monday (Chantelle Bellrichard / CBC)

Sawyer's Wet & # 39; suwet & # 39; hereditary leaders support the natural gas project.

He visited the campsite at Gidimt last week and took away hundreds of pounds of coffee, carrot and onion, along with coffee.

He joined the RCMP Gidimt campaign on Monday to arrest 14 people to enforce the injunction.

"There's nothing better than a common enemy, and that's it," said Sawyer.

Alberta link?

The decision of the Supreme Court, known as Westcoast, was created in two provinces to determine whether the pipe starts and ends in the same province depends on the federal jurisdiction.

Sawyer's argument is based on the first test based on the "functional integration and management, control and ordinary management" of the project, based on the resolution of 1998.

"GasLink's gas station is intended as part of a pipeline system for suppliers, which would bring gas out of Albert and Kata, to export Kitimat," said Sawyer from North Vancouver, B.C., lawyer William Andrew.

This TransCanada is conflicting.

In his documents, the company states that while the project will connect with the New Gas Transmission system, Alberta and B.C. It includes them so they can work with both independent ones. The company also does not currently have the application of regulatory manuals between the two system systems.

The company, initially, when Coastal GasLink presented a federal environmental assessment in 2012, "would be an existing interaction" [Nova Gas Transmission] System at groundbirch-in ".

Michael Sawyer, Smithers, B.C., the resident launches a jurisdictional review of the Coastal GasLink petrol station before the National Energy Board. (Greg Brown)

After Stephen Harper's conservative government reversed the government process, the reduction of projects that covered federal studies, the assessment stopped and B.C. to accept himself.

Sawyer believes that Harper and the previous B.C. The liberal government of Christy Clark deceived the gears.

The Federal Party Party of Elizabeth May Elizabeth May has the same suspicions.

"The Kitimat LNG project is the most complex path," May said, with the situation of NEB intervention in court cases.

"I am sure that there is a need for analysis, and I would like to question this."

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