Wednesday , November 20 2019
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Cold Snap after Toronto's first snowfall of the season

On Toronto's first major snowfall, the city will open its cold.

The environment Canada requires a height of 14 C this afternoon, but for most days, the temperature will be closer to -30 wind chill.

Extreme cold warning is where Toronto and GTA are in other places.

"The air masses of light air and strong winds will have wind tests for at least 30 days on Friday morning," the weather's national weather said in its advice.

"The cold outdoor cold air has moved to the south of Ontario at low temperatures at low temperatures, approximately 20 degrees centimeters, combined with strong winds of southern wind, the windshield values ​​are between 30 and 35 minus."

Cold weather weather alert has also been caused by people who have no home-grown cold weather service issued by Toronto medical officers.

"Frostbite can develop in superficial skin, especially with wind chill," said Environment Canada.

Warmer weather is expected when hotter air arrives on Friday.

Depending on the C9 height forecasts, Friday and Saturday, it will be 4 cm high. Sunday will reach 4C. Height.

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