Friday , August 19 2022

College Declars Hashish Sciences Professor Opioid Therapy for Use Pot


New British Columbia college teachers will study as a treatment for opioid disorders.

On Friday, November 23, M-J Milloy, a leader in epidemiology and a respected scientific research, was inaugurated as a Foreign Professor of Cancer Research. Foreign Growth, an important cannabis producer, and a British Columbia province of $ 500 million, was $ 2.5 million.

Canadian Opioid Crisis

The main objective of Milloy's research, according to UBC, is that cannabis can have a positive impact on people affected by opioid use disorders. Only in recent months, British Columbia killed 1,143 people for alleged overdose.

Canada, like the United States, has an opiate crisis. The government estimated it in 2017, almost 11 lives were lost daily due to excessive opioids. The majority of victims, about two-thirds of deaths related to opioids, were men.

While there are treatment options, a previous study reveals that therapeutic therapy (OAT) is less than a third of agonists during the holiday season after six months. Therefore, due to the disappearance of dependence treatment, the death of the disease is an important risk factor.

Opioids include fentanyl, oxycodone, morphine, codeine and heroin. Some opioids are prescribed by doctors to treat major pain, but they may also be illegal.

To End The Opioid Crisis Cannabis Key |

UBC hopes that Milloy's research discovery could prove that cannabis were better tolerated by people suffering from opioid disorders. If successful, it would open the way for cannabis-based therapy.

"We need all of the deck to save lives and provide long-term care and recovery services," said Judy Darcy, British Columbia's Mental Health and Addiction Minister. "Our government has been courageous and innovative, offering options for treatment, based on evidence, for people living with addiction. The first professor will carry out clinical trials and tests to deal with the overdose crisis affecting cannabis products three to four days a day."

Milloy's research line was focused on the relationship between HIV research and HIV. Likewise, the study of the legalization of cannabis and the medical application of cannabis has been analyzed for public health for people with disabilities.


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