Monday , October 18 2021

Commander for the Air Force is not safe & # 39; GPS 3 will be scheduled


According to the 45th Commander of the Space Wing, who is waiting for the operations of Cabo Cañaveral, he said he would destroy the GPS 3 mission on 18. That was done.

WASHINGTON – SpaceX tries on Tuesday to launch the first Air Force 3 GPS Falcon 9 satellite. On Wednesday, another attempt will be made at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.

45 The commander of the 45 W Space Wing, which controls the launching of the External Canopy, said that the GPS 3 mission was abolished. "We saw some sensors today, they gave us a bit of alarm, so we decided to launch it," Air Force Brig. Gen. Douglas Schiess has said SpaceNews A conference call on Tuesdays. At the same time, the Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and John Thompson, Commander of the Air Force Space and Missile System Center.

Wilson was in Cape Canaveral to launch Mike Pence Vice President.

45. Ensanche ensures public safety to launch Cape Canaveral or Kennedy Space Center.

"The group is the safest and most secure way to ensure our main priorities," said Schiess. "We did that today".

The weather is not a concern at this time, he said. "We're working on something we're doing", without delaying the next day we can launch, said Schiess. "We're still working with Thompson's Folks and SpaceX to see whether tomorrow they'll start tomorrow," he said. "As we prepare and rocket, we want to launch SpaceX's first EELV launch." Evolved Executible for the launch of the Launch Vehicle Air Force program.

Although Wednesday's appearance appeared, Schiess explained some doubts. "I can not say at this time we are sure … We are organizing tomorrow's schedule, but we are not sure at this point."

Wilson took over the wing commander's decision.

"We expect the launch of the GPS satellites this morning," he said. "Certainly it's in my list of bargains. I hope you can get back on track and get it started, but I'm giving a lot of credit to people who are doing operations, first of all to ensure safety and mission, and have a direct decision this morning."

Air Space is the first SpaceX space mission provided by EELV. The contract was awarded by SpaceX in April 2016. SpaceX has launched four new GPS 3 contracts, all in the form of Falcon 9.

Thompson says that whatever happens, Air Force has encouraged SpaceX to compete with today's military competitions. "For the first time in the history of the EELV program, the competition has been going back," he said. "SpaceX allows this option to compete and win for the mission, so the significant first charge of GPS 3 satellite, for example, is very important for SpaceX and Lockheed Martin satellite providers, but for the United States" added Thompson da. "The industrial base for our launch, especially for large rockets, is now very balanced".

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