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Constellation Brands makes nonprofit outlook partially in Canopy Growth deal costs


As can be seen from Cannabis plants, Canopy Growth's Tweed Visitor Center can be seen at Smiths Falls, Ont., On September 18, 2018.

Fred Lum / Globe and Mail

US giant beer and beer, Constellation Brands Inc., made an investment of $ 4 billion per year on its biggest Canadian producer last year, the 2019 prospection has cut sales due to face-to-face costs.

The constellation, whose stock price spans 12.5 percent of US $ 150.94 on Wednesday, is forecast by its weak aroma and spirits in the middle of the sale and approximately 25 cents-share pretax hit with higher interest rates linked to Canadian cannabis producers Canopy Growth Investment Corp.

However, Bill Newlands, the executive director and the current President of Constellation, said the analyst company continues in the bullish cannabis segment.

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"We believe that the emerging cannabis space is one of the most important global growth in the next decade, and, in truth, in our lives," he said.

Constellation, known for its Crown beer and Robert Mondavi, was the first alcoholic beverage company in the cannabis market, investing with Canopy, starting in the autumn of 2017 a year later. Other consumer products makers race for finding their marijuana deals.

However, pot creatures have made a dive, as recreational cannabis became legally the case in Canada, in mid-October, as pot sellers struggling to underscore product shortages and sales.

In November, Canopy released worse quarterly results, lowering its shares by 9 percent a day, and reducing fair value of Constellations, because pot producers reduced US $ 164 million.

However, Canopy exceeded 13% of shares on Wednesday, the brokerage firm Piper Jaffray added a bullish report to the cannabis sector. Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Lavery announced that the global cannabis market would eventually cost US $ 500-million. "While the change is over, it's a difficult prediction, more legalization seems to accelerate the pace," he wrote.

Since gambling cannabis is illegal in the United States, banks have respected sectorial investments, although the United States 10 and Canada have legalized the product.

However, as Mr Newlands of Constellations has said, recent US legislative reforms have legalized the production of industrial hemp, including cannabidiol or CBD, which are considered to be psychoactive compounds of cannabis with significant health benefits. Companies like Konstellation and Extermination companies favor their commitment to the infusions and food produced by the CBD; In Canada, this fall is expected to sell cannabis-infused foods and non-alcoholic beverages.

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However, Bonnie Herzog's analyst at Wells Fargo Securities said that "the United States could include inadequate government framework," it's not easy to operate in the cannabis sector. At the same time, long-term investors took advantage of the attractiveness of Constellation products, partially because Canopy investment is still an "option".

Mr Newlands has said that Canopy is using the effects of Constellation investment, strengthening the global leadership of the cannabis industry, with strategic cooperation and purchasing. As a result, Canopy earned $ 1 million in revenue within 18 months, he said.

David Klein, the chief financial officer of Constellation, said he would simply change its warranties or options on 20.02 November 20 to buy Canopy shares if "if it is meaningful and business is developing as a hope".

"So, if this company is doing well, we believe our investors will be happy for us," said Mr. Klein. "And if the companies do not go well, we'll be getting more cash for our investors".

Lauren Lieberman, an analyst at Barclays Bank, has expressed concern about the market over the next year and beyond due to the profitability of the Canopy investment constellations.

Mr. Klein Constellations expects Canopy to create "attractive" attractions similar to consumer packaged businesses. In addition, "R & D investments will be dragged into their business [research and development] and the cost of opening up additional markets, "he said. The constellation hopes the Canopy transaction would increase revenue through 2021 tax.

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The constellation would not allow for the Canopy business to end the end of February, which is why Constellation will provide guidance, Mr. Klein said. "Expects the total returns of Canopy's total investment".

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