Sunday , May 16 2021

Controlling the single Russian space over the radio telescope – Xinhua

A photograph taken on September 24, 2016 shows a 500 meter Aperture Telescope (FAST), the largest radio telescope in the world, in Pingtang County, in the south-west China province of Guizhou. (Xinhua / Liu Xu)

MOSCOW, January 12 (Xinhua) – Russia's Spektr-R single-spatial telescope has been monitored by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The telescope could not know the control center's instructions, but the data are still being sent to the Earth, Nikolai Kardashev, Director of the Astro Space Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences Academy.

"Now we try to solve the situation … There are different communication systems, some of them are operating and some are not … These events have already happened. We can all work again. We hope that this is done," mentioned Kardashev Sputnik news agency yours.

Some attempts to recover telescope control have failed, he said.

The Spektr-R telescope began in 2011 and the period of warranty of the active operation in 2014 continued, and then continued to solve the target problems, according to Roscosmos corporate space in the Russian space.

Another attempt to reset the contact with the telescope will be made on Sunday, Roscosmos said.

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