Wednesday , October 27 2021

Coquihalla to the north again open Merritanda


UPDATE: Accidents have been cleared through the northern roads of Coquihalla and the route has been reopened.

Winter storm tips will take place on Wednesday at midday.


The Coquihalla Highway flows through a stormy winter, closed in northern highways by Hope and Merritt.

The paths between Merritt and Hope continue to the south for the moment.

Highway 5 summit has seen snowfall of about 20 cm in the last 24 hours, expected at another 20-30 cm Wednesday morning.

Winter storm release B.C. Inland motorways

DriveBC announces several vehicle event closures.

Suggests alternative routes on the coast at B.C. Inside this moment.

At 5 p.m., DriveBC reported the wait between Box Canyon and Zopkios, taking into account the number of transports linking traitors and chains.

Rain is located 12 miles south-east of Hope at Highway 5.

The Snowy Snowfall of The Great Bear Snowshed challenges visibility according to a DriveBC tip.

Coquihalla Highway saw 50 cm of snow before Wednesday

The snow again turns 15 miles south of Merumer to Coquihalla.

DriveBC will publish an update on Coquihalla Closed on Wednesday on its website.

Winter storm warning Highway 3 was born from Hope after heavy snowfall from Princeton.

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