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Corporate Espionage Samsung flattens China's anti-slip secret technologies – BGR

The races for the feasible market for folding analysis have become apparently so intense that some players go to corporate spies.

South Korean prosecutors report nine people suspected of leaking Samsung's mobile screen technology. According to Ren Reuters, the leaks contain important information on Chinese sales and a value of 13.85 million dollars. China, of course, is a country in the country of Huawei, like South Korea, Samsung, with a folding screen in the race market.

In fact, in October, Huawei confirmed that folding phones are a screen that binds 5G connectivity. Samsung will also pay a folding mobile phone in February and it will be available for the first time in Mobile World Congress.

for ReutersSouth Korea's Suwon District Attorney's Office CEO and 8 suppliers toptec Co. Ltd. It will charge company staff this year to sell information about Samsung OLED panels. "The group was named a shell company that receives information about panels' equipment and drawings from Panasonic, a separate Samsung company, and sold 15,500 million dollars (15.500 million dollars) documents, the prosecutor said."

On the other hand, Toptec has refused to charge charges for a smartphone's display panel. In a statement, the company resumed: "Our company has never seen the Samsung Show industry's technology or business secrets ever given to our Chinese customers, and our company will cooperate with the courts to find the truth in court."

Of course, Samsung has said that the ups and down is protected by the company to ensure its security and technology security. Reuters According to prosecutors, Samsung Display has leaked over six million euros in the development of technology to develop a "national national technology" office.

Like Phone Arena The point is that, today, the mobile phone market for the race is getting hotter in the next year after a few months. Samsung and Huawei are the main corporate names they see now. Samsung makes its screens from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. The end of Samsung's secrets is a stronger competition between mobile phone players.

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