Thursday , June 8 2023

Coughs found in Massey High


Photo of a woman's cough photo. Photo courtesy of Can Stock Photo / HighwayStarz

The case of sex coughs is confirmed in Massey High School.

The Windsor-Essex Healthcare Unit has warned parents, guardians, and students to send a letter on Friday that cough is a very infected infection caused by a bacterial cough.

The healthcare unit cools through the cold symptoms, skin nose, nose, low fever and occasional mild cough, usually lasts for two weeks, pauses breathing, and sleeps and usually continues gagging, vomiting and fatigue du. Health officials have added that coughs can creep into creeping potholes or "pity" while people breathe. They say that they are missing or missing, and cough may last several weeks or maybe a month.

Infected people spread bacteria in the air, cough, tighten or talk, and others can pass 20 days after symptoms have started. The healthcare unit can affect the elderly, but it is dangerous for children and children. Neighbors are required to eliminate the risk of developing immune disease.

Healthcare providers have said they should be in contact with your healthcare provider or have your child contact you in constant contact with you and have breathing symptoms.

If you have questions or concerns, call the healthcare unit at 519-258-2146. For 1420 workdays or visit

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