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Cricket Australia D / N Test to be a permanent Adelaide



Can D / N Tests Help Adelaide's crowd attendance?

Can D / N Tests Help Adelaide's crowd attendance? © Getty

Cricket Australia is expected to make the Day-Night Test become a permanent feature of Adelaide next season after an ongoing Indian-based test raid. Adelaide Oval had her first day (23,802).

The hall has organized a pink ball test every year since 2015, but has been blocked on the road to continue the tradition to test BCCI night after day. Some of the easiest situations were, for example, the hot weather in Adelaide and the general deviation against Australia's scandal, but the Kevin Roberts CEO Kevin Roberts believes that about 15,000 changes are over the day.

"Certainly, we have lost that doubt group [who like Day-Night Tests] for this test. We're looking forward to returning to Adelaide, "Roberts said SEN Radio." The fans hugged. I'm a cricket test tonight, but I do not care what I think, fans think. "

According to the current ICC rules, the team's team can not touch requests, but Roberts has changed the current tendency of BCCI (India to still play D / N Test) and the new Rose Ball test. Next visit to India here. "Let's hope, we will take a step at the same time. They have a different perspective on Matching Tests, but we hope that with the feeling of fans, we can have a night-time test," he said. say

A strong Indian force that has been particularly ravaged by the Australian Cricket has struck him. The participation of the inaugurations on Thursday (December 5) was small in the last day of 2014, on the first day of India, when the number came in 2014, when 25 and 619 people attended. On the other hand, they saw the opening hours of 47,441 (2015 New Zealand), 32,255 (in South Africa in 2016) and 55,000 (in England in 2017) for the three balloon balls.

Meanwhile, at the start of the sales of the tickets, the opening test of the 60,000 seats in the Perth stadium is not very promising, and Cricket Australia expects the finishing touches to be completed by the Cricket Australian.

"I want to do something like that is not a regular regularity of the calendar, it's a new place, it's close to Christmas. Fortunately, it's been here for five days [in Adelaide] and they go to the number that is much larger than what the cricket community suspects, "Roberts said.

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