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Cuban diplomats deeply investigate the mystery of health, new analyzes suggest that rare noise is crickets


Dr. Michael Hoffer, at the Miller School of Medicine, speaks at a conference on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, in Miami.

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Since the end of 2016, 26 people in the embassy have had problems with misfortune, pain, and rhythms, and difficulties in thinking about cognitive problems, for example

MIAMI – The American diplomats affected by the mysterious healthy states of Cuba damaged the inner ear, shortly after they had reported a strange noise and sensation, according to medical examinations, it was published on Wednesday.

The exact finding was published in the medical journal for almost two years after the United States began calling "health attacks" and could not clarify a supposedly responsible person.

"What causes, who made, why was it? We do not know such a thing," said Dr. Michael Hoffer at the Miller School of Medicine University.

A researcher at a press conference interviewing a strange sound that interviews investigated a researcher who imitated the sounds that mimicked the cricket: called "Indian whistling (Anurogryllus celerinictus)", AP recording duration, pulse repetition, power spectrum, pulse stability and pulse oscillations . "

In a conversation with the Guardian, Fernando Montealegre-Zapata, a professor of sensory biology at Lincoln University in England, said "I am not surprised by people who do not know the sounds of insects that could destroy this call."

In addition to rigorous sounds, the diplomats had worrying health problems.

Since the end of 2016 by the United States, the 26-year-old Havana embassy has problems with misfortune, pain in the ear, and problems that arise, such as difficulty problems, the health mystery, damaged by U.S.-Cuba. Cuba has denied the compromise.

Miami researchers looked at about 25 people, heard an inflammatory noise or felt a sense of pressure before beginning symptoms. Patients were not diagnosed with internal balance problems, which were called vestibular systems, although medical pre-symptoms were not present.

The study carried out by 10 people in the same building during the events, Hoffer published in Laryngoscope Research Otolaryngology. Hoffer also traveled to Cuba to have 100 more Americans there, to be healthy.

Internal health problems have been at stake in government health for lifelong research. This year, a group of doctors from the University of Pennsylvania also looked at many of these patients, but a few months later, they were reported to have suffered serious brain injuries, there was no blackouts on their heads.

With a brief interview with Associated Press, Hoffer said that two studies are not contradictory, but they have different findings because patients have been tested at different times and in different ways.

"Is the brain in the middle of the ear? Is the brain directly affected? We do not know yet," said Hoffer on Wednesday.

On August 14, 2015, a photo file is a United States flag in the United States Embassy in La Habana, Cuba.

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Doctors add Wednesday's pattern of damage and the structure of gravity and acceleration to abnormalities, says Dr. Maura Cosetti of Sinai's Eye and Ear Patient in New York. It does not participate in a study related to Cuban events.

"This provides an important step towards creating an image of people suffering from injury," he said. People with long-term balance problems also review "brain fog".

Cuba has indicated that the diplomat had nothing to do with it.

"There is no evidence that Cuba could damage some state diplomatic status in Cuba," said Cuban General Carlos Fernandez de Cossio on Wednesday.

The United States did not say what caused the incident, even though some early speculative sound attacks centered on it. The AP reported in January that FBI's provisional report had not proved that the sound of the evidence could cause damage.

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