Monday , August 15 2022

Cyber ​​Monday: Marshall offers more than 56% headphones and speakers today


Marshall sold Friday at Friday's Black Friday on Cyber ​​Monday.

With iconic logo, eye-catching design and audio experience for years, from the earliest listening music and headphones of a company that listens to rock music from the mid 60s and some Bluetooth speakers.

Click here to buy the full range. Here are some of the highlights:

Marshall Major II: £ 79.99, now £ 34.99

The second upgrade of Marshall's classical headphones, tBig II Bluetooth allows you to share music with a friend, iPhone II. 3.5 mm headphones to connect headphones. Probably it is particularly interesting for families, especially in movies with someone in the background. With detachable detachable cord, collapsible design and a dreadful response bass, Major II offers a bargain 56% off.View Deal

Marshall Acton Bluetooth: £ 199.99, now £ 99.99!

If you are a fan of Marshall and rock iconography, you will generally notice its classic design, but world class engineering and sound will be enough to fill a room. No wonder we chose one. of The best Bluetooth speakers you can buy now. Additionally, a 3.5 mm cable is used to connect your phone or mp3 player and you like to hear your voice. £ 139.99 in Amazon, if you only buy £ 99. See Deal

Marshall Monitor Bluetooth headphones: They were £ 219.99, now £ 129.99.

With this classic Marshall look, a 30-hour playback and a bracelet with a headset are Marshall Bluetooth. This is what TechRadar told me: "If you are looking for headphones that are cheaper than long-lasting battery-powered headsets and highly versatile headsets, Marshall Monitors are a good option." See Deal

Check out Marshall Cyber's entire election on Monday.

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