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Dancing With the Stars: Juniors & # 39; resap: Season 1, Episode 7


Did not small competitors dance singing in their birth years, since there are enough young and old memories? It seems that they are not, the juniors spend time in the machines and learn about different decades (it is well and it is sent to the future). You know, remote times of the 80s! Excluding more time attributing my ego, this is the perfect issue for kiddos. Dancing topics and stories are a bit of a bit of comfort, some of them are learning a bit. You know, Angelina Jolie is not like a 1940 actress. We are also dancing with Jordan Fisher and Frankie Muniz Macarena with Honey Boo Boo in the 1990s and that's why it's never been enough.

Miles Brown and Rylee Arnold (1950)
Mentor: Lindsay Arnold
Jive, Bill Haley & His Comets in "Rock Reloj around"
Thousands make her homework this week (see children, this boy who is dancing for a week has time to do homework) and he does not know the essence of the 1950s, Lindsay will also dismiss his mentor. For Bless Miles for the sake of this exchange: when he invented freezer inventors in his 50s, Lindsay asked people to do some frozen dinners. His answer? "They cooked dinner". Thousands of strong data in addition to Miles and Rylee joined I love Lucy Themed jive and one of its best dances. Thousands of sharp and sharp limbs are curved and shots and side-by-side sections are synchronized. I'm so glad that Val lets Rylee shout, because he's a partner, he kills this routine. Fortunately, Miles held a frozen lunch. Or not. These things can be questionable.
Jury: 28/30

Mackenzie Ziegler and Sage Rosen (1980)
Mentor: Gleb Savchenko
Jazz, "Call Me Maybe," Carly Rae Jepsen
The incredible music of the 80's and they went … "Call Me Maybe"? Do not hurt me, it's a great song and has a decade of 80s (can not you see Debbie Gibson's rocking?), But I would like the song "80"! I appreciate the curly hair but it's not enough! Apparently, Gleb asks for much more of his team this week. Mackenzie is a great dancer (more trained), so it's better and more focused. It's tough, we know. The routine is fun and vomit the cork that is dancing (end of the 80s), but judges prefer Mackenzie too. Adam and Val want to move emotionally and do not cut their legs warm. Mandy points out jokes and gaps, but also fills his scam. If you want anyone to want to praise your deception, it's Mandy Moore.
Evaluation of the judges: 26/30

Mandla Morris and Brightyn Brems (future)
Mentor: Cheryl Burke
Double Step, "Gangsta Paradise" by 2WEI
Okay, how long do you realize the future episode of Mandla and Brightyn (what, who had no one in the 70's of the record?) Was set in the epistemologist version of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" orchestral version? What a great singer's choice The work of Mandla is to be strong, strong and aggressive this week – Pasa is the dance of dancers, after all. And all this! Val has some remarks about "fights", but Mandy has stated that Mandla did not enter into dance training, so she is capable of staying satisfied and satisfied. Adam is also a great fan: "This is what will happen in the future, I'm not mad," he says. I mean, it is expected from here that this future looks like it, right? At least, can the cape be bright?
Juries: 24/30

Ariana Greenblatt and Artyon Celestine (1940)
Mentor: Brandon Armstrong
Quickstep, "Classic" by MKTO
However, there is also an alternative song for a decade, but we must really talk about Ariana's name, Angelina Jolie, as an example of "Old Hollywood". I know these children are young – how can you forget? – But this was very hard. Provisional dance, named Audrey Hepburn as his favorite actor. We're closer! Quickstep is a dancing dancer. It has to be in so many frames, but Ariana and Arty look easy. Brandon's great choreography combines with intelligent ways in the 1940's (side by side, look like a frame), I'm dead.) The judges do not say much about it, especially if it is a hard way to agree, but the following judges are grateful.
Juries: 27/30

Sky Brown and JT Church (1920)
Mentor: Alan Bersten
Charleston, "Little Party Never Killed Nobody" by Fergie & Q-Tip & Goon Rock
Now, this is a modern way to get a trendy retro style. Without a doubt, did Baz Luhrmann easily make it to me? Yes, but who cares? Charleston is a perfect party, and Sky and JT are not responsible for the party. The routine is fast but never chaotic, and Sky seems all the time under control. The girl got her Charleston spinning. Mandy has warned later and behind many times, but in general judges are great fans of Sky and JT. How could you keep inspiring things for kids? If you want to do something, do it. " Sure, he stole from Nike, but he does not know that!
Juries: 27/30

We will play at the semi-final of the weekend next week, so it's a tough cut. Unfortunately, this week we say goodbye Mandla and Brightyn, as well Team Cheryl it will be sent home. We will now reach the final four, who thinks this baby has a shot to take home?

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