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Darnell Nurse and Matt Benning have to move forward with Edmonton Oilers to boost the playoffs


Goaltending National Hockey League is one of the factors that make up the team, but the next line is the core of the team's defense.

In the last ten games of Edmonton, defensive teams have dropped the number of goals scored by 7, 0, 4, 1, 4, 7, 4, 6, 4, 4.

It is very difficult to win at the NHL if a team is in three games, only four. Six or seven against? Ouch!

It's not surprising that Oilers has won two ten.

Ed Camden's players have not only had a good look at Ed Camden or Mikko Koskinen, or Koskinen. Shooters now consistently hand over their hand by stirring the top corner. I hope this is a glitch for her game, it's not a feature.

Two other major players have been in recent weeks (and a large part of the season), Darnell Nurse and Matt Benning.

A way of measuring the results of a player is to compare the individual contributions to the force against the goals and the opposite against the opposite objectives. In other words, the battles that have been won, pass and throw away the missions, changes, missed clashes and changes in changes.

From the 2007-08 season, I've been analyzing the video of all the games at that time, to find out that the player is getting the most powerful forces. Since 2010, I have increased the punctuation options back and forth in counterattack, because I analyze my analysis to achieve the best talent for each player to achieve a better sense and achieve a twofold performance level. This year, Bruce McCurdy directs my work with fairness and accuracy, and basically, in addition to fulfilling all the final awards.

I regularly review the Oilers 'plus-minus options, as it is comprehensive for my players' assessment.

Today, however, I will focus on individual goals more and better. In this sense, it is necessary to overcome the central direction of the season and the opposite direction has been the decent size of the sample to achieve the results of each player against and against the goals.

The only thing that shows us the numbers, the Donors and Benning results have dropped last year.

This year, the nurse has 856 strength and has scored 20 goals and scored 35 goals. Thus, for each non-defensive golfer -0.26, approx.

If we compare the last season, the Nurse has scored 47 goals and has made 42 errors in the game, giving +0.05 goals, even with strength. The result of a D-man is superb, especially if the defenders have defensive responsibility than those who offer less opportunities than other players. For this reason, flyers have higher targets than under the system, and wings and centers higher than d-men.)

About Matt Benning, he climbed to the goal of +0.02 with strength, although he was a new player (last third match in last year), +0.01 last year, another good result, that is, a0.37 this year, this type of result will see your work NHL You will lose as a d-man.

The good news of Oilers is that Caleb Jones has achieved solid results this year and the defense gong show has diminished.

With Oilers, Talbot and / or Koskinen should take steps, such as Nurse and / or Benning. If they do not get better results, the team does not win another five or six competitors for West West playoffs.

Right now Edmonton gets two points from that point, the home game plays very well and has the weakest teams. But it's time to win it now with Koskinen, Talbot, Nurse and Benning (if that is the case). now

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