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Democracy Democratic Liberal resigned this week to treat a problem for the patient: PMO


Prime Minister Alex Gre Verko.


The Interior Minister resigned this week to face a serious problem that he resigned on the weekend, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed on Friday.

Raj Grewal also examined the RCMP about a conflicting interest in the federal religion committee, told Trudeau Press Secretary Chantal Gagnon of National Post.

The MP announced Wednesday that Brampton East was heading for horseback for "personal and medical reasons".

But there seems to be a sudden departure story.

"Earlier this week, Mr. Grewal told us that he was suffering from serious personal challenges and treatment was being treated, the treatment of a professional health related to problems that caused major personal problems," said Gagnon in a statement.

"Based on these circumstances, we decided to make the decision to join the Brampton East parliament. We hope we need help."

In the meantime, he asked about a possible investigation into Grewal's financial activities, the Peel Police Spokesperson in Brampton, said the force could not be debated.

"We are not going to post any research on continuing details and / or research on people who are under investigation … conclude (to) privacy considerations and maintain the integrity of our research," said Const. Danny Marttini-Chapman.

Gagnon said the Prime Minister did not know about a Peel police investigation.

Grewal could not cheat.

As far as things are concerned, the New Democrat MP Charlie Angus denounced Grewal this year this year for the conflict of interest and ethics committee. Angus said Liberal has invited a Brampton business with Indian Trudea and his delegation.

The developer company, ZGemi Inc., as a source of income in Grewal's ethics file, said Angus.

Police are now revealing.

"We are aware of the queries made by the RCMP, about the current situation of a complaint made to Mr. Greila Mr. Commissar," said Gagnon.

Grewal did not say any gambling or financial difficulty when he announced the decision to decline the Parliament.

"Yesterday, I informed the chief of the Government that the seat would come to be a member of Brampton East for personal and medical reasons," said Facebook.

"For Brampton East, serving as your MP was the greatest privilege of my life, I've had a bit of a decision that I have definitely and with great difficulty. But I need to focus my health and family right now."

On a resignation on Friday in a tweet, the prime minister did not mention anything in the game or large debts, he only learned Wednesday told Grewal "face a serious personal challenge."

"Although it was a difficult decision, it was a right one. I hope that it receives your help," said Trudeau.

(Up to 16:30 in detail, it is possible to comment on the Peel police investigation.)

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