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Demonstrators accept Canadian post workers, have blocked the post


Dozens of demonstrators gathered at B.C. On Saturday, with the help of postal workers on Saturday, others blocked their mail from the main post office centers in the country.

Canadian Post Officers Mississauga, Ont. – They made a manifestation of leaving out of their facilities, and they are violating a court order, and Crown Corporation is "considering all the legal options available".

The demonstrators are mostly members of the Union of Union of Workers of the Union, who have joined forces with the legislature workers negotiated last week.

The backlog legislation passed on Monday after the Union of the Union of the Union of Canada.

The CUPE said 19 protests were organized all over the country this weekend, including Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna and Prince George. Postal demonstrations may involve workers, but do not leave them out of the plants, he said.


A police officer strips the tape in an improvised Canadian lock. After a message from the postal and trade union groups, Traffic has blocked traffic to facilities and support for Canadian Post staff, recently to work for the Federal Government, Mississauga, Ontario, Saturday, December 1, 2018. CANADIAN PRESS / Cole Burston – CANADIAN PRESS / Cole Burston

In the Ontario branch of CUPE Mississauga demonstrators have been served with punishment, but they are expected to show solidarity with postal workers.

On Saturday afternoon, the Canadian Post said police contacted him and considered the opportunities to face the demonstrations.

"We have contracted our clients' commitments as well as statistical obligations to guarantee a significant mail from all of Canada," said Crown Corporation.

"The police have asked for help and we are considering all available legal options."

Canadian and Canadian British Columbia courts also issued feeds that prohibited people or vehicles from entering or leaving Canadian Post facilities or prohibiting interference.

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