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Denby McDonnell and Yves Tiberghien: today is a global environmental agreement

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (2nd L) and Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister (3rd R), attended the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on November 11, 2018 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 11th Armada Day. World War I.

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By 2020, Vancouver expects to be the greenest city in the world. But how does a dreamy city continue to define the future of sustainability? Vancouver and Canada should engage their efforts on new global negotiations, for a global environmental treaty, as expected in 2022. This treaty, the world leader in the Paris Peace Forum that appeared earlier this month, will provide the international legal basis for environmental protection and environmental rights.

Today, despite the fact that they have not succeeded in climate change summits, there is no global legal platform to guarantee environmental rights.

At the inauguration of the Paris Peace Forum, the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the First World War since its 11 th to the 13 th, the environment was one of the essential issues. These leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, appeared for peace.

It was a huge panel for the Global Environment Day Time. During the forum, it was clear that peace needs to be considered in the environment. Climate change or environmental degradation causes global security through migration, water resources and conflict. It is imperative that you become a political level at all levels.

Pieta is in charge of responding to these challenges, offering a comprehensive and legally binding tool for strengthening human rights for a healthy environment. Now, 140 countries have voted and sponsored by 2020, this legal instrument will be implemented to commit governments and corporations with a negative impact on human rights.

What would the British Colombian global agreement on the environment be? Although COP21 was effective and oral, it was not legally binding and only focused on climate change. B.C. The vast natural resources are closely linked to our economy, as well as our identity. Enhancing environmental protection throughout the world will improve the legal certainty of the Canadian economic resource economy and increase our international competitiveness. The legal protection of the human rights of the environment will be guaranteed globally that these resources will be available for generations.

In order to bring Canada and Canada at the forefront of green development, we must actively defend the acceptance of the treaty and accept human rights in the environment. According to the treaty, it emphasizes the vital role of the environment-friendly cities, and Vancouver must start the actions of environmental rights in cities around the world. Although the environment is very divisive, many British colonies believe that they are linked to the environment, political stability, peace and health.

On a global level of governance, environment is something we agree on. The interaction between the natural environment represents the need for multilateralism that exceeds the limits. In difficult times of general order, the global environmental agreement is the best and most appropriate one. He was in charge of the conversation interview on the peace treaty in Paris, which is a global issue of environmental concern.

Denby McDonnell is a VISION20 fellow Master of public policy and global programs at the University of B.C. Yves Tiberghien, creator of VISION20 and UBC is a science politician.

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