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Dennis Holly's defense wants to report his father's new murder in 2011

Dennis Holland's defense team has asked Crown to report on Monday, following the testimony he made Monday about his retirement on Monday, more than seven years ago, with his father's death.

Sergeant Mike King, a regular employee, testified that the 52-year-old Bludgeoned body of Richard Oland was found in his office, 52 Canterbury St officers called him a similar event at the nearby apartment building 147 Germain St.

The glass door of the rear door broke, sank in the bloodstream, and an old, old, "arc hammer" was found in an open garage, King said.

The king, the old ironman, saw the "upper holes" [the victim’s] head, "thought Roofer's generous man, who was also known as the landowner's hammer, who had been used to kill him, the judge heard.

Hand-made tools, in general, have a double hammer, waffles, an "unpretentious tenderizer" and a sharp ax's sharp edge.

The main crime unit investigated the rupture and, as a result, it happened after the homicide in Holland and it did not matter, King said.

But Alan Gold's chief defense lawyer has said that the judge had heard the defense or crown for the first time about the incident, and stated that King did not know how the investigators made this decision.

The king did not say, for example, whether they were trying to prove whether the murder had been tested or blood, Gold said.

Mike King was removed from office by Wednesday, when he was arrested by Glen McCloskey's former representative on Wednesday. (CBC)

Dennis Oland, on the 50th anniversary of his father's grandparents, visited his office on July 6, 2011, returned to his second death.

The body of the 69-year-old was found at the office on the following day, looking down at a blood pool. His head, neck and hands with 45 sharp and violent strength.

The jury found his son guilty in 2015, but the Supreme Court of New Brunswick overcame his conviction and called for a new trial, citing a jury trial in the court trial.

The test again began on Monday at Saint John's Queen's Bank's court in a three-week holiday.

The King emphasized again in his statement that the former representative of Glen McCloskey rejected McCloskey's encouragement to enter the bloody scene of crime.

The king made the first one during this first test. McCloskey denied allegations; he was told twice in the courtroom that day, first of all to see the body "curiosity".

Last month, McCloskey reaffirmed that he was "illogical" that King had proposed his testimony change, because Crown Prosecutors and Bill Reid were former police officers who were the scene of crime.

On Monday, King repeated in 2014, for the first time calling before Holland's preliminary investigations, McCloskey said no one had said that McCloskey was in the office.

During that time, McCloskey was responsible for the division of the guardian of the king's guardian.

Gold asked King on Monday whether the allegations were easily arrived. King doubled, keeping both sides of himself. "No," answered the tears. Asked whether he asked him or not, King said: "No, I did not".

McCloskey is expected to start the resumption, probably this week.

& # 39; This is not what we thought & # 39;

Const. Tony Gilbert, the most important criminal unit of the Saint John General Police, was Richard Oland's body for the discovery in July 2011 of one of the first officers. (Catherine Allard / Radio-Canada)

The first day, Konst. Anthony Gilbert proved that if he were to respond to a murder or a suspicious morbidity, he might not have entered the bloodstream office that he could use for his protection.

But he sent the sergeant and Konst. Stephen Davidson did not give any such information, and they did not greet the first responses to the seats, Gilbert said.

"We awoke the heart with the impression," or other types of death, said 911 when he stated that "man was not conscious and not breathing".

Having watched the blood pool at the head of the victim, however, he said he was quickly aware that it was a possible crime.

Richard Oland, aged 69, died at his San Juan office on July 7, 2011. (Canadian Yachting Association)

Gilbert said the court turned on Davidson and said: "This was not what we thought," or "We did not expect this," or something like that. "

They left the office, without touching the steps without delay, he said.

Gilbert, a member of the largest criminal unit, spent ten steps in the victim's office and believed David and Davidson were only 30 seconds.

He called his followers immediately when they announced that death "seems suspicious in nature," he said.

It started again in November, among several official police officers, among others, Davidson, who became the principal investigator and head of the forensic identification section.

The retirement will last four months.

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