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Designing two tracks at Toronto Pearson Airport for serious crash risks, TSB says

The Transportation Safety Council recommends designing two tracks in the most important Canadian airport to reduce the risk of collision between aircraft.

The recommendation was included in an independent security guard report, after investigations of 27 Toronto Pearson International Airport in June 2012 and November 2017.

TSB defines a track track, deliberately in an "active vehicle" of the aircraft or land vehicle. In the worst situation, there would be a direct collision between two planes.

According to the researchers, all Pearson events were "near-parallel tracks" at the southern end of two airport airports. Both tracks are connected via "fast exit tax", they can be used to move from small sections of track aircraft to one another.

Toronto South Pearson International Airport "complex". The plane uses quick-way taxi lanes, marked here by red, to cross parallel tracks. Both runways are used at the airport during hours of work. (Transportation Security Council)

Both tracks are used at Pearson at the same time, seeing 400,000 flights per year.

The plane is due to the problems that come to the south and one of the taxes is trying to move from one track to another, TSB says.

In his report, TSB has stated that Taxiways' design is not nearly all of North America's most other airports.

This has led to the confusion of the crew's crews and the dangers of major collisions. TSB says. The report presents problems with the design of the aerodrome and there are several points missing from the busy aviation crews.

"All 27 survey crew reviews were understood to have stopped and went to an active track", Kathy Fox, board chairman of Richmond Hill, at a press conference in Hon.

"Even with all visual eyes, lights, signage and frame frames, professional crews did not stop in time, to collide with other aircraft in another aircraft."

Fox said that in at least five cases, air traffic controllers have the last two conferences that could lead to serious collision between aircraft.

Other TSB recommendations include:

  • Change the language for air traffic controllers to transmit critical security commands.
  • In order to change standard procedures for transportation to Canada and Federal Aviation Administration, the crews cleared all the active track after landing aircraft after landing aircraft.

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