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Destiny 2: Black Armory is not an extension, it's a subscription to Destiny


Destiny 2It's new Black weapon An adder never wanted to be an extension, at least as Bung did in the past. We still do not know what we call it, which is why, in reference to the expansion or mini-expansion of our past, Destiny's traditional content differs. Instead, Destiny 2: Black Weapon It's more enjoyable before the little flavor of new content.

Black weapon It does not feel like an expansion, it's an MMO subscription.

When I first started Black weaponThey sent me to talk to Spiders left, who sent me to the Tower to contact Ada-1 Black weapon. Ada, working with the Guardian, wanted to build a frame of a weapon. I fell, a certain chief and powerful enemies, as I explained them all. When I returned, Ada sent me and my corpse three times to Volundr Forge in the new activity Black weapon.

Volundr Forge – and it's all supposed to come from forging – is wave-based mode. Did you know what you've heard before, but so far, this is the funniest thing I've ever had in one of these ways? Destiny or Destiny 2. The goal is to kill specific enemies and bright enemies, because they make an enemy army of enemies. The glow that releases the battery, that is, you need to load the forge – it is used to extract batteries and bushes over the air, because it's fun all the time.

Depending on the speed of the timing, the mode is out of date and you only have 20 batteries in a minute. All eyes are killed and the battery is deposited, but the clock is tight. However, the best you get and the more you learn the way, the faster you can get. Blind Well modes and scaling protocols can be awaiting you to stay around to get enough enemies to get ahead of you. But until now, the ability to thank for you allows you to move on as fast as possible and it always takes you by hand by handing your batteries.

Owner of Titan Hammerhead from Destiny 2: Black Armory

Bunige / Activision

After completing my first fort, Hammerhead was the first mythical machine tool Destiny 2. At that moment, I unlocked Ada from the seller and opened up new opportunities. I worked with generosity and reproduced the fortress to handle the legendary giant rifle, after a long procession of the frame. Or I could guarantee a brave Gambit or Crucifixion. Each one of them Black weapon They have broken their weapons randomly, so that in the second, third or minute 50 you have to create the same thing.

The ironmonger is not the favorite of the new features, but also the most enriching. Over the course of my game, I've found several reasons to go up and I hope to go back to my latest Hammerhead. It offers a wide variety of forging games and promises of exquisite and exciting prizes.

Interestingly, forging is very high at this time, which is very difficult. The first wave of the three waves – with a third wave that ends with a three-dimensional battle – has a recommended level of 610 power, and 630 is larger than the forge. For non-recent months, it has more power than the last 10 Destiny 2: Forsaken as a basis.

forward Black weapon In 600, my team was able to complete multiple runs through a day's railroad. However, there were many judgments and errors. While they are frustrated by many players, check out the latest Bungie news Black weapon tweets – This power escalation is added to the late players of the game. Players who sat for 600 weeks were missing a challenge. There is a ton of content left To play, and those who have gotten out and exhausted the hat, Black weapon Here is more to bring.

And, after all, that's right Black weapon That is, having more content for those who do not. Right now, only one is available and that's all. I've seen everything that's already known in the expansion. But that's fine, another day by day for a forge, along with a new raid. After that, we have a full schedule of news Black weapon Next coming weeks

Fireteam fights with Gofannon Forge Black Armory Destiny 2 great server

Bungie / Activision

Black weapon and the annual passage is not yet playing with 600 players, they probably still have a lot left do it Right now, Black weapon It's a drop-out, it's time to keep players excited to get to Destiny every Wednesday and see what happens. The feeling I lacked in the last few weeks. Players still grind left, all this will be available here in a few weeks.

When paying for the Annual Pass, you must pay a way to play Destiny for the next nine months. It's similar to paying one World of Warcraft Subscription, with patches with more content to invest in the next months. Black weapon It's not over, it's just the beginning.

Destiny 2: Forsaken He rebuilt the game he had to play in 2017. Pretty player created an incredible base that interests them a few months later. Black weapon This New Year's Tríptico grows in a new way. This is causing pain, especially as regards players' expectations. But as I can see, I can not wait for Destiny next week next year and see what I have to do.

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