Tuesday , May 18 2021

Destiny 2 imposition puzzle has been broken

Destiny 2 In the end, Niobe Labs invented the seventh and final player, apparently it was so hard to convince Bungie to solve.

This success was not the result of the latest advances in Sherlock, but the puzzle was broken.

Last Friday, January 11, Bungie published a new forum in its forum and admitted that "a 7th grade chain was erroneously deleted and could provide additional information."

The string in the sequence consists of a phrase that describes a series of characters, a word such as "puzzle", or "this puzzle is a phrase that my eyes take out of its hole". Someone from Bungie has been accidentally deleted but it's not what he was to know, how he could help or why he had not noticed it before.

"Since there is no part of the puzzle," Bungie added, "we give a bottom trace to finalize the Niobe Labs.

The trace is as follows:

Weapons imbued
Through strange perspectives
Handmade craftsmanship truth
Translate brands to summit
It's true for the map
To prove the knowledge of the three family

This trace, as well as other traces of other players, combined with subreddit r / raidsecrets's knowledge and decided that xGaddy and his team would definitely settle.

Image: r / raidsecrets

The award, after doing all that, was Legendary Emblem and Exotic Ghost Shell. Does it deserve it? Maybe not, but at least we can move forward with our lives.

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