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Director General of Sanitary Public Health on the Professional Health Forum. Health education professionals in the new Cannabis Toolkit


Health professionals play an important role in communicating in public use for cannabis safety and health. To this end, the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) recently developed Cannabasics1, In cooperation with members of the CPHO Professional Health Forum. Cannabasics It is an information packet of cannabis adapted to healthcare professionals. The toolbar provides the set of factors and links to cannabis plants and products with a general overview of products, consumer methods and the reduction of harm. It is also linked to the resources created by partners.

Like other regulated substances, such as alcohol and tobacco, cannabis use is not harmful. Are there any evidence of potential therapeutic uses of cannabis, long-term effects remain unknown and more research is needed.

Healthcare professionals In Canada The use of contamination concerns the risks and damage, such as the handicapped driving, and other risks, especially children, young people, young people, pregnant and breastfeeding and the elderly. Collectively, members of the Forum allow them to use healthcare professionals as well as resources Cannabasics, The Low Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines developed at the Mental Health Center developed by the Center for Mental Health, as well as other sources of evidence as a tool for patient training to reduce the risks and harms associated with cannabis use.

Cannabis legalization and regulation is a significant change in drug policies In Canada. It is a new legal framework designed to better protect public health and safety. The federal government is working with the provinces and territories and other agents to control the impact of cannabis legalization and regulation.

Within this new environment, health professionals are responsible for reporting on cannabis information and the risks and damages associated with their use. It is essential for healthcare professionals and Canadians to have the best available information to understand this changing landscape, as well as evidence-based resources to make cannabis decisions.

The CPHO Healthcare Professional Forum will continue to manage gaps in a collective and public health-related problem in problematic substances to reduce Canadian damage to decision making based on stigma and healthcare support to the healthcare system.

Dr. Theresa Tam
Deputy Minister of Health In Canada
Coordinator, CPHO Health Professional Forum

Mr. Ian Culbert
Executive Director Canadian Public Health Association
Coordinator, CPHO Health Professional Forum

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CPHO on the Professional Health Forum

Completed in 2018 and made up of 18 national health organizations, the CPHO Healthcare Professional Forum brings together national healthcare organizations to cooperate in national public health issues and carry out actions. Priority has been identified in four areas of cooperation: indigenous health, cultural competence / security, use of substance abuse, antimicrobial resistance and preventable infections and dementia / elderly health. The goal is to understand the public and local priorities of health organizations; strengthening public relations with public health organizations and relationships; Increase cooperation and synergies between partner organizations; and increase the capacity of public health and / or crisis areas, coordinated with responses and messages.

Members of the CPHO Professional Health Forum

  • Medical Association of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases of Canada
  • Canadian Dental Association
  • Canadian Geriatrics Society
  • Canadian Native Nursing Association
  • Canadian Medical Association
  • Canadian Nursing Association
  • Canadian Pediatric Association
  • Canadian Pharmacy Association
  • Canadian Psychological Association
  • Canadian Public Health Association
  • Family Medical College In Canada
  • Community Health Nurses In Canada
  • HealthCareCAN
  • Indigenous Medical Association In Canada
  • Canadian Prevention and Control of Infection
  • Public Health Doctors In Canada
  • Royal College Doctors and surgeons In Canada
  • Association of Obstetric and Gynecologists In Canada

1 Funding from the Canadian Healthcare Facility and Addictions Program

SOURCE Public Health Agency In Canada

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