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Do not make 80 hours a week for Elon Musk or anyone else

It is a good sign that your boss is in full swing when they promise to "change the world".

Soon after, the sales point is based on a new American idea, you are the one! – It is a special and unique creature, which is why it deserves a lot of work, meaningful and valuable in the world. But coming from the technology sector, since this thinking is based on the basis of parody, it is part of the real reality of new technology du bring change, although not always better. Most of all, however, it seems that the defense mechanisms used in technology justify wages and exorbitant lifestyles.

What the latest ads about Elon Musk's new job looks for:

Musk would go later tweet "If you love what you do (especially) it feels no" specifying It's an ideal work time for every person, what he is looking for "is about 80, which is more than 100 times the peak."

For beginners, the best thing to do is to have an objectively dubious idea of ​​such hours: John Paul Pencanvel's 2014 analyst at Stanford's economist analyzed World War I's factory data and newer literature, which has resulted in over 50 hours of the week leading to diminishing and declining reductions. Other studies-not-warned health and well-being governments are also not suggested at work all the time bad and bad for your work. In fact, since the revision of 2017 CUNY's most important data was approved, a 2005 study found that it had a work time of 60 hours that caused 23% of occupational risk.

But Musk is smart. He does not speak that's it type of efficiency It maximizes the man with $ 24 million, spends his own employees.

Here's what I really said: I want to cement my legacy, and therefore my wealth and society's value by changing the world through technology. To do this, I need your help, for which I have to pay a prepaid salary or salary. But here I am going to try to get too much work to sell with the idea of ​​changing the world. And if that does not fall, I'll go looking for someone else.

It's like any Boss really. The boss makes money and will pay you. But in this system, it will always pay as little as possible, since it will allow you to keep more money. (Perhaps it will re-invest in the company, maybe buying a boat, if it's a private capital, it would probably be the second one). When the house is suspended due to the contract, it will achieve more bangs with the "work" and the "start" continuously shut. It will take you an hour to go, you can access your phone, or just do the tasks you signed up for.

The greatest dream for Bossara is one of his staff, believing that he is part of the greatest thing, the project deserves a sacrifice without having to take part in the company's ownership. Utopia is for the world, but the profits are for it.

It's a sharp question that means "changing the world", by the way. The strikes transported by Tesla cars (and charging equipment) help keep humans from spreading the world for a long time, while not completely destroying the planet. However, it may also be that there is a slow escapist of capitalism in favor of consumption of potential resources. In this way, green technology often seems to focus more than anything else, you feel guilty less, for example, for everyday work and work. SpaceX tells it "cool" in a nerdy space exploration mode, but it seems that it can be ultra-rich for tourism (perhaps) until the exhausted masses of a planet die. (Musk stressed that this is not the case).

Now, imagine what "change" means your personal world. Can a little less work on quality quality? In your limited life, you can get more time reading, writing, playing with kids, exploring the world or being in your neighborhood, improving your quality of life? Probably! And this is not trying to sell Musk in his workplace, because this is not because the world is trying to build his technological construction. (Imagine since 1930 and telling yourself about all the technological inventions, and then see how much your face decreases the amount of time the person knows still they have to work. If you realize that John Maynard Keynes, the British mythology legend, would face you.)

Indeed, thanks to what Musk has achieved during his life, bringing with it many technological elements will have the slightest change around the world, fighting and killing eight hours a day and 40 hours of work a week. , full. You know, people in the trade unions or those who want to take part in it, have been freed and repeated every year by Musk people. busting union Such people have changed the life conditions of the world in Musk, or any boss ever, in a optimum way.

Unexpected emotional intelligence like Musk would never dream of change.

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