Saturday , June 19 2021

Do you think you're in Kenmount, you will need to resolve fantastic troubles and wish an experienced professional emergency dentists?

(The post office of Paradise is turning the Pikotxa lines into Canadian strikes).

Mail workers occupy yesterday's main post from Kenmount Road in San Miguel.

He returned to the Senate Parliament last night.

CUP-W spokesman Craig Dyer says workers are furious. The talks are taking place nationwide in the next steps.

Workers consider it advisable. The executive seeks a constitutional legislative challenge, but it can last for years and many people will definitely hurt it.

The service is expected to begin again at 1:30 pm in Newfoundland. Dyer says CUP-W members have to comply, because they do not endanger the $ 1,000 fine, but this decision means that taxpayers are no longer paid for work and extra hours.

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Provincial postal workers have taken the basic rights of the government and the Senate.

Twenty-two series have been completed, but CUP-W works everywhere this afternoon, following the legally binding labor legislation.

Trade unions represent 50,000 mail workers, claiming their members are renewing the federal government's demand for labor.

Craig Dyer, a CUP-W writer, has voted for 86 percent of Newfoundland Spokeswoman, and did not classify them correctly.

Occupational safety and security, and the amount of payment of receipts are two of the main problems in the room.

The Government takes away all of its rights as to what services they provide.

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