Tuesday , January 25 2022

Do you want to avoid the disease? Begin to meditate


It's the time of that year: the whole office is coughing, horrified, and it's one of the biggest commercials of an ordinary cold. Although they take vitamin C and cleans their hands regularly, cold temperatures can withstand germs. There are several treatments, home remedies, and old practices that people face to face the cold, but if you want to avoid scary fears every year, consider starting a meditation practice.

The research considers that it can be an effective strategy for meditating the body and the disease in a periodic way. A new study published in the journal PLOS One, Researchers have given up to 390 immature swine flu shots. Some participants also took an eight-week meditation course, some eight-week exercise class shot, and the rest shot. The discovery revealed a clear support for meditation protection: After eight weeks, the number of people with less respiratory illness decreased and the meditations lost less. In general, the meditation group was about 17 points better than the other.

Meditation is so cold and preventing the disease because it is the ability to reduce stress. This is not a woo-woo science: stress allows the lymphocytes of the body to lower. When a person is very stressed and their levels of lymphocytes are very low, they can withstand viral colds, compared to those who manage healthy stress.

Also, when emphasized, our bodies are working in extra hours, we are necessarily or physically active. But quietly, our bodies work like a well-oiled machine. "These are deleted or modified [stress-inducing] In life of factors, it is essential to protect and increase the immune response, "says Leonard Calabrese, a immunologist at Cleveland Clinic.

In addition to maintaining the immune system to be healthy, meditation has also been found to reduce the symptoms of injurious conditions and illnesses, including high blood pressure, IBS symptoms, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

This does not mean that meditation needs to be overcome by a vicious cold. It should be used in conjunction with the appropriate medication prescribed by practicing physicians, and, in general, for meditation, stress relief throughout the year. The goal, after all, is to turn meditation into an essential part of your schedule, so it is often not for the path. Your immune system will thank you, so it will be your peace of mind and stress.

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