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Do you want to throw Rome lettuce? Food experts can replace E.coli-ridden green. National


Romaine lettuce is a Canadian multiplier, E. coli's occurrence can be brought back by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) (consumers) to prevent consumers from feeding.

The United States government has taken a step forward and traders and restaurants ask for green storage shelves to be restored and included in meals.

Romaine lettuce. The collapse of E. coli in Canada, U.S. it warns of the entire field.

The appearance of E. coli, the US Food and Drug Administration, said It was probably created in California, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswicken were associated with 19 people's illnesses and 32 in the United States in 32 cases.

Illusion is the second high-level Rome-lettuce E. coli this year. The United States of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the current occurrence has a genetic fingerprint in relation to the United States and Canada's 2017 Roman lettuce.

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Why is this happening?

E. coli is a bacteria that inhabits livestock, poultry and other animal intestines, and seems to divide the lettuce of the Romans … a lot.

The problems with Romaine lettuce are so frequent, the FDA announced a plan of "special care" to infect lettuce in early November.

The Alberta greenhouse asking for safe Roman lettuce, on the occasion of E. coli

Jason Tetro, microbiologist and writer Germ code, said E. colik has "annoying" Roman lettuce. And lettuce is usually contaminated by dairy farms and livestock feeders near growing areas.

"Water-based irrigation channels are livestock farms that can be contaminated with water," he said, which causes contaminated crops.

Check your Romaine lettuce?

And because we do not cook greens, food can be one of the biggest security risks. Cooking destroys bacteria, and salads are often cleaned and served. And induction did not eliminate E. coli.

"Green salad is a particularly unprofitable food that is consumed in diseases, as it is raw. Cooking is a possibility to cover many sins," said Tamar Haspel, a food and science writer from Washinton Post.

The problem with E. coli lasted for years

Because Canada imports so many lettuces in California, Tetro has announced that the problem will continue for years.

Bakterium-free plants are key to clean water, he said. And recently, in California, they have passed the law that requires farmers to test water and irrigation systems, but they will not be implemented until 2022.

"This will happen again," said Tetro, saying that consumers want to think about their green alternative to their Caesar salads.

Is Rome time lettuce preserve?

If E. coli and romaine lettuce are debugged, Haspel and Tetro have other options on the table.

Haspel wrote a column in the Washington Post, a few years ago, why the salad was so tinged with green leaves as the iceberg and Roman lettuce, especially water and many people do not feed the food hole. they think

Romeine lettuce is not healthy (Folate and K are good sources of vitamin); You need to eat a lot of them to get nutrients.

Fruits and vegetables should never be eaten raw, and you need them

"If you take your salad away from Rome and cook it, the chef will see nothing. A large pile is really just three bites," said Haspel, due to the 95% water in the Romans, just enough to do it.

Tetro said that green greens are not healthier anymore, but they do not risk E. coli.

"Eat streets," said Tetrok. "You have not seen such a phenomenon on this street."

Haspel said that consumers should look for other green cheeses such as kale, txorrotx and neck.

"Collard greens have 90 percent water, there is still a lot, but it's a lot more plants than lettuce," he said.

"If you do not like people, I want to point out the frozen food corridor, the greens really freeze, and you can put them in the pasta sauce." Even though he was not a "romaine hater", would he think he would add to it as a luxury food?

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