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Christmas is a great time to eat and drink with your friends and loved ones, but if you suffer from bleeding, it is important to think carefully about the alcohol you consume, and your state and your state ED medicine.

Christmas party season is getting closer, and most of our social calendars are fast running.

Christmas is a great time to eat and drink with your friends and loved ones, but if you suffer from bleeding, it is important to think carefully about the alcohol you consume and your state and your condition ED medicine.

To do this, you have to know what dysfunction and alcohol are in the column.

Reduce alcohol consumption

If you are struggling with stutter dysfunction or if you risk your condition by minimizing the risk factors, the amount of alcohol you consume will decrease. A

Alcohol and recreation drugs can be achieved and maintained in two ways: firstly, excessive alcohol can reduce sexual desire and reduce the interest rates on sexual activity.

Second, alcohol consumption can affect your ability to maintain your erection, because your body is busy to treat alcohol safety in a safe way, at the same time saving the blood flow needed to maintain the assembly.

Surviving is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction. Alcohol is a depression and does not dampen your desire, but it will be difficult to reach orgasm.

This does not mean that you have to give alcohol alcoholically alcoholic or wine, but it is recommended by doctors who do not prevent your sexual performance as long as they do not drink alcohol.

How do you define moderation?

We are often told to drink moderately, but many people do not know how much they drink. The British Head Medical Officers (MKE) advice is that no one should drink in more than 14 units a week, as a drink in a safe way.

Each week, fourteen units of alcohol are made up of 6 samples of alcohol or alcohol, 5 pintxos of cider or 6 red wines. It is important that this is the amount of alcohol you should consume during a week, but this does not mean that you consume this amount of alcohol in a session.

Reducing the amount of drinking and drinking at a glance when you drink alcohol (for more than 4-5 units per day) can prevent dangerous situations, prevent self-control and prevent sexual intercourse. handicap

Can you drink Ed medicine?

Patients need to take control of their own dysfunction, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption. Sildenafil (Viagra), Vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn), Avanafil (Stendra) and Tadalafil (Cialis) can cause a problematic level of arterial hypertension with alcohol.

If you take these medications together with alcohol, you may have a sudden drop in blood pressure to cause symptoms such as heartbeat, dizziness, headache and pain.

That's why patients using dysfunction medication help reduce or reduce alcohol consumption. The Cialis manufacturer recommends that its users consume more than 5 drinks per week, while the Stendra manufacturer suggests that users consume over 3 drinks a week. Other manufacturers do not make specific patient recommendations, so consult a pharmacist or consultant.

It's less

Alcohol can be beneficial in many situations. You feel more relaxed, releasing your inhibitions and sharing a glass of wine is a great social activity.

Human beings have benefited from a feeling of well-being over 10,000 years of alcohol consumption. However, when alcohol is consumed, there is less. This is especially true if you want to avoid erectile dysfunction.

Your doctor informs you that you do not consume alcohol, because a glass or two glasses of beer or beer do not cause any harm, because they abuse excessive abuse. It's less.

Do not let the best alcohol get your sex life and negatively affect you and your partner when you are.


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