Wednesday , September 28 2022

Doub Ford says sources of business rules will cut off


Doug Ford's PC will make a new bill Thursday to reduce the number of businesses that they meet, CBC News has learned.

According to the government and industry sources, the legislation will cut bureaucracy and the Ontario company will sell millions of dollars annually.

Prime Minister Doug Ford has often told news and Parliament in recent weeks that Ontario has 380,000 book volumes, too many regulatory requirements for abusive businesses.

In the election campaign and the Throne Speech, computers ordered a reduction in the regulation of the business rule. The minister of finance, Vic Fedeli, has said the government intends to reduce the reduction plans for 2022 by 2022.

"I know 25 may cut 25 percent of our regulations here from here in Ontario," said Economic Development Minister Todd Smith on Wednesday. Smithe will be the minister presenting the legislation.

"We need to take the back of our small and medium business businesses, which means we need to get rid of surplus," Smith says in Parliament in November

This is the case that computers will have a second-hand business legacy in less than a month. In October they performed with the Open Acting for Business Act. Ian dismissed all the reform laws of the Ian Wynne government last year, and all the workers were given a minimum of two days paid sickness a year.

The last day of the scheme, before Christmas, comes a new bill. The PC issued a motion on Wednesday to the Parliament until one week. This means that Thursday morning, Ford and PC will not be asked again until February.

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