Monday , June 5 2023

Drake Communion Breakdown in Women During Pregnancy, Rape Claims – Rolling Stone


He has sued Drake Layla Lace (real name Laquana Morris), allegedly falsely ash-haired woman, and then accused of sexual assault, TMZ reports

"Drake's presentation against Layla Lace has been solved, avoiding Layla's trial, by repeating ads by Drake against the standard trial," Drake's attorney Larry Stein said in a statement TMZ. "Drake and his team are pleased with this result and while Drake appreciates the support received, fans and the media allow both parties to move forward with life."

Stein did not answer immediately Rolling StoneRequest for comment.

In September, Drake prosecuted Morris, civil extortion, fraud, emotional affections, abuse and defamation. According to the player, the rapper approves Morris' sexual consent in February 2017 at a Manchester hotel in England. According to Palis, soon, Morris rescued his flight to see him, but Morris thought he did not answer, and he abolished the flight, and Drake left the communications.

In April of 2017, Morris told her that she was taken to Instagram and was pregnant, saying that Drake was a father. Shortly afterwards, he appeared in a radio show to discuss the claim. "I know who I have a shelter without sleep," said SiriusXM Shadow 45. "So 100 percent are sure. You know." The reason was that Morris also raped Drake and, despite the fact that Manchester police had reported sexual assault, Morris was raped.

According to the documents presented on Friday and obtained TMZ, rappers called the court and Morris resolved their legal issues. As part of settlement TMZ, Morris has published her comment in April 2017, claiming her pregnancy and not "expressing or insinuating [Drake] According to the United Nations, it won elections.

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