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Drinking alcoholic beverages that are more at risk


Washington DC, November 22: According to a new study, fruit and other foods with fructose do not cause harmful blood glucose levels, while drinks and supplements can add excessive diets while having negative effects.

The research appeared in the BMJ magazine. The role of sugar in the development of diabetes and heart disease is developing and greater evidence suggests that fructose health can be harmful to itself.

"These findings provide the most important nutrition advice recommendations to prevent diabetes and prevent and manage management," said John Sievenpiper's author and PhD.

Fructose naturally occurs in many foods, such as healthy fruits and vegetables, natural fruit juices and honey. It also adds to foods, such as fresh drinks, breakfast cereal, baked goods, sweets and desserts as "sugar free". Daily diet guides recommend that they reduce free sugar, especially fructose-rich beverages, but it is clear for all foods for these sugars.

Researchers based at the University of Toronto, San Miguel and Canada have analyzed 155 studies to control the results of different fructose food sources at blood glucose levels and controlling 12 weeks in diabetes.

The results were based on the design of four studies: substitution (sugars compared to other carbohydrates), in addition (diets added sugar energy), subtraction (diets removed sugar energy) or adlibitum (sugar energy freely substituted).

Glucose glucose-bound glucose targets or HbA1c targets, glucose fasting and whey insulin (after a short stroke of glucose and insulin).

The results show that most foods with fructose sugars do not have an adverse effect on the blood glucose content when these foods do not provide excessive calories. However, the detrimental effect of internal insulin was observed in some studies.

Analysis of specific foods suggests that fruit and juice may not contain these foods if they do not provide excessive calories, may have effective control over blood glucose and insulin, especially for people with diabetes, excessive foods that excessively diet excessive foods, especially sweet drinks and fruit juices though

Small glycemic sugar (GI) fructose compared to other carbohydrates, and with more fruit fiber fruit, it helps to improve blood glucose levels by releasing sugars, according to researchers.

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