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Drinking soda and sweet drinks can increase the risk of chronic kidney disease

WASHINGTON: Many sugar drinks and soda drink a lot of alcohol in a chronic kidney disease, according to a study.

The discovery, published in the Clinical American Nephrology Association (CJASN), helps to increase the strength of the evidence to show the negative effects of drinking sugar drinks.

Some drinks can affect kidney health, but the results of the study are not compatible.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health School researchers analyzed 3,003 African American male and female normal kidney functions.

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"There is a lack of comprehensive information on health implications in the availability of food availability," said Casey Rebholz Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health School.

"Above all, there is limited information about the types of drinks and beverage patterns associated with the risk of kidney disease," Rebholz added.

The researchers evaluated the consumption of drinking during the questionnaire for the analysis of food frequency in the 2000-04 academic year, and participants continued until 2009-13.

Of the 3,003 participants, 185 (6 percent) were renamed the kidney disease (CKD) for 8 years.


Drinking a drink of sodium, soft drinks and drinks combined with water has a higher risk of developing CKD.

In any case, the participants in the upper tier of consumption of this drink may be 61 percent more expensive than those on CKD lower tier.

The researchers were shocked at the water component of drinking water that was associated with a higher risk of CKD.

The study participants reported consumption of different types of water, including sweet and delicious aromas.

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