Wednesday , May 18 2022

DUHA believes that it can be linked to the automatic Tesla pill


PALO ALTO, Ca. – In California, a policeman, who had been drunk in his drills and was able to sleep, was arrested during a 70-kilometer high school autopilot.

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By noon, the Highway Patrol officers in California reached the Tesla model south towards the Highway 101 Highway 101. They traveled 70 miles along the vehicle, and Alexander Sam warned the driver. The CHP used two lights and sirens to try to wake up, but it was "unanswered," according to Art Highway Patrol Art Writers Art Montiel.

The vehicle was in the form of a pileup, officers eventually stopped the vehicle in front of Tesla and gradually slowed down, with the driver helping to stop the end of the car.

The vehicle stopped in the middle of the road, and officers tried to wake up.

"Officers approached Tesla and Sam began to wake up to the window and gave word orders." Sam woke up and ran out of Tesla and placed Patrol behind the car and took the Highway to the Shell station, Embarcadero Road, West Bayshore Road, other officers, Tesla It came from the highway. Montiel.

At the gas station, Samek failed to suspect the suspects and suspected DUI suspects.

According to KRON4. The CHP confirmed that a pilot statement was not in charge of a confirmed statement:

"At this moment we can not confirm that the" driver support "feature is activated, as the stop of the vehicle stops when Sam is sleeping, the" driver support "feature may be revealed."

California Highway Patrol has published incident details on its Facebook page:

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