Monday , October 25 2021

Duke Knock Off at Princeton 101-50


The Duke started slowly tonight on Princeton, the first 10-day game, the first since Mike Krzyzewski called for a "tough" exam.

But once they did not change the Duke, the Ivy-League enemies were demolished, trying to open a central blow in the first half and win an impressive 101-50 win.

The duke annoyed in the first eight minutes, behind 8-0 3:47, 13-5 and 5:34 behind.

Blue Devils lost the first eight shots in the opening three. R.J. Barrett's first 0-for-5 deadline passed.

Then Duke started turning, seven times the first 13 minutes.

"When the billing happened," said Krzyzewski. "Then I thought it happened, through frustration, it was not the first time that was necessary, when we could not happen and we made some passports when I did not think we were using our arm, but we kept our joy and valued the value."

"We were really playing", Zion Williamson said about the slow start, but our shots did not fall. All we did was geek, it was just a joy to go back to Cameron. But once we relaxed, we started our game. "

But the Duke never stopped. Princeton got some backdoor layups early but Duke adjusted.

"It happened to me twice at the start of the game," Williamson said. "My man was trying to get up, I had to really solve it. My man ventured to shoot me and protect him from it."

Krzyzewski praised his defense collectively and individually, citing specifically Barrett defense Devin Cannady and Tre Jones' defense, Jaelin Llewellyn.

Cannada kicked off from 35 to 70, but went to 2-to-10 against Duke. Llewellyn won three, while Reddishe won Jose Morales seven positions.

And then there were blocks.

"Most often, we paint them," said Krzyzewski. "When they started painting, our big boys got out and blocked many shots, that is, what they should do and what they did."

Duke started pressing his shot and clearing stacks and racing. The Duke binds him at the age of 16 in a shot at Barrett, and was the first leader of the 19-18s in Cam Reddish 3.

It was then 21-18, and Alex O & # 39; Connell 3 made 24-18 and then it was 31-21, and then it was over.

The duke finished the first 12-5 season, and 39-26 made the intermission.

The second part was a clinic.

"They have achieved so much deviation," observed Princeton coach Mitch Henderson. "Things we have not seen before".

The Duke scored 10 blocks and seven volleyballs in the second, many of which were broken.

"The coach gave us our game plan," Jones said. "We know they have shooters, we would like to take three and make drivers. There were no shots but we were locked in the defense."

48th in the 48th and 48th places (32-65) and 52nd and 52th places.

The duke marked the first century after 4:07 after marking the first one. Duke overcame Princeton by 62-24 in the second half.

Krzyzewski did not try to run the score. No more than 26:21 played at Blue Devil Williamson. Duke played 12 players, Princeton played 15.


The dominance of Duke's statistics prevailed. Although they started 0-a-8, Duke scored 52.2 points from the goals and 84 points (21-25) from the missing lines, Duke's best season performance. Duke out 50-25 visitors, 14 blocks and a dozen robbers. After a weak start, the duke finished 11 rhythm, only four seconds later.

Princeton was a misfortune of 9 to 33 in the distance.

Barrett got 27 points in the second half by pressing 6-for-7. Williamson got 17 points and 10 rebounds. O "O & # 39; Connell and Jack White were divided into four points, four blocks from Marques Bold, Jones, six non-profits.

Speaking to Jones, he sat at 12:30. There is no problem. Krzyzewski said he wanted a 48-hour rest at the "big-boy" in Texas Tech, and Jones never felt better.

Krzyzewski likes Madison Square Garden, where Duke and Red Raiders will meet. In 2 or 3 days in the morning, basketball gods pick up a Garden, and Cameron adds to the list after a moment's reflection.

The Duke is now 10-1, surviving double digit double earned back to the Great Depression.

Worry Less.


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