Wednesday , October 20 2021

Dunderdale said what Muskrat Falls Risk should know about


Prime Minister Kathy Dunderdale has stated that she was in danger of knowing about the danger of Muskrat Falls.

But Dunderdale was brief in detail. Muskrat Falls did not accept the full notes about the risk-related meetings, and officials were confident that they knew. The Barry Learmonth Committee Committee was unable to discuss the risk of meeting meetings held by the General Assembly.

He recalled the "many" discussions about the dangers between DG2 and punishment, emphasizing the basic cost of $ 6.2 million. The survey said that no one could guarantee the image, but made sure that all work was done, and that it was a very good number based on well-known risks.

He reminded Nalcor CEO Ed Martin of what could have been expected to be "south", and he reported a case of $ 6.5 billion.

Learmonth continued, Dunderdale asked him whether he did not, nor Robert Thompson, the former executive board executive, reported a $ 497 million risk assessment or P1 schedule until he read the Grant Thornton report.

He said that he had not specified the penalty time of 1 to 3 percent allowed by July 2017 schedule. It is clear that he had to tell him about the danger.

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