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Dwayne & # 39; The Rock & # 39; Johnson crashes Kevin Hart's Instagram Q & A

The Rock crashes Kevin Hart's IG Live Q & A

Dwayne & # 39; The Rock & # 39; According to Johnson, Kevin Hart has long-standing friends with a fake face, hoping to punch a hole. Kevin Hart appeared on Live's Q & A on Instagram and Johnson could not do anything. To force a Hart to take a jab, it's totally fun, of course. Rockek described Instagram's feelings when Kevin Hart had seen it live: "You can never hate someone to kill you with your eyes. When I was working yesterday, I looked at my phone and saw my son who was stuck to my chocolate chocolate @ kevinhart4real IG & # 39 ; H LIVE began. I had to stop and say I love you and I am proud of all its success and achievements. "Now it's friendship.

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Sean Waltman: John Raw's Bobbitt looks like

Sean Waltman was taken to Twitter by John Bobbitt's RAW. The man who woke John Wayne Bobbitt in the night of 1993 discovered that his wife, Lorena, had discovered her penis, which had unexpectedly unexpected. A couple later divorced in 1995. However, Bobbitt made lemons in the lemons, and eventually became ugly in adult movies. uncut and Frankinpenis. Bobbitt was also a guest star at a RAW episode in 1998 when he appeared with Val Venis. Sean Waltman reminds her: "This guy was taken to RAW and put on his own clothes, while the crew used to dress like other sardines in other rooms. I took his name from the door and stuck it in the fridge. I do not know why he was dressed, but that night They get the same dress, with anyone with a problem that does not have a full time on the road and then there was no place in some rooms and it could be the best for a television game, because he got his dressing room because his d * c was cut.

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