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Eating later in the day can be linked to obesity – ScienceDaily

That day it will be possible to eat it later that it will affect the weight, ENDO 2019, according to a new study to be presented on Saturday, at the New Year of the Endocrine Society in New Orleans.

Previous studies have suggested that sleep and sleep times are related to obesity, said Adnin Zaman, MD, from Colozen in Denver, Colorado University. "However, a few studies have assessed meal and sleep time among adults with obesity, and it is not clear that a day later they are eating a shorter duration of sleep or higher body fat," he said.

In the research three types of technologies were used to record the sleep of participants, physical activity and eating patterns. "The difficulty has been to sleep and to apply circadian science in medicine, without methods for measuring everyday patterns of human behavior," Zaman said. "We use a set of methods to gauge daily sleep, physical activity, and meals to identify weight loss models for time models."

In the weekly study, 31 were overweight and obese, the average age of 36 years. Ninety percent were women. Daily weight reduction tests were enrolled in comparison to daily caloric restrictions in a temporary reduced diet. They could only eat at certain times of the day.

The participants put on their thigh an electronic ACktPAL device. This device measured how long the physical and sedentary activity was spent. They also dressed in actiwatch, which evaluates sleep / wake patterns. Participants were asked to use a phone application called MealLogger during the day to post and seal meals and snacks.

The researchers on average day attended 11 hours of food and slept for 7 hours a day. Those who ate later on that day later slept, but they slept among those who had eaten before. Later, the time of meal was the body mass index and body fat.

"We have used an innovative set of methods to show that people overweight or obese eat more at a later date," said Zaman. "These discoveries, in general, support our study, which is to reduce the risk of obesity by reducing the food window the day before."

"As the intervention activity monitors and mobile phones today are modern in our society, it will be possible as soon as possible to take behavior prevention and treatment behaviors over 24 hours in obesity," Zaman said.

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