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Eckerson: Living and active life with diabetes – Sports –


When Dan Eckerson was a teenager and recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, she was told that her life expectancy would only be in the early 30s. Decade later, life is very active, running, hiking and hockey. People who know they do not even know about the disease.

November is a national month for awareness of diabetes and its impact on millions of Americans and those who love it. They know the challenges my husband and family can have about chronic illnesses and how to manage them.

Diabetes is a disease, the body can not use and store glucose. In type 1 diabetes, the body generates completely insulin to obtain glucose in the body to obtain energy to obtain sugars in foods. People with Type 1 diabetes must take insulin injections every day to survive. (Type 2 diabetes if the body does not produce enough insulin or it can not properly use it and it usually occurs in people with overweight history of the patient's family).

Managing diabetes is a 24-hour job.

"It's tough but manageable. I take injections with daily insulin with five injections and I've eaten the amount of food I've been eating with the amount of insulin I've been managing to keep my blood sugar safe from the inside," said Eckerson, adding "nothing about the disease is good; however, you eat it You push for food, lifestyle and exercise. "

Dan has always been a very active person and has played a lot of sports through high school, including hockey, and several times a week throughout the year. I wanted to be a better skier but I am sure that I was willing to continue with you. New Hampshire's 48 4,000 footer is a longtime traveler who has just finished. Physical activity helps the body to insulin better, but blood sugar level should be careful.

"I'm lucky," he said. "All exercises are good for me. I have to control my blood sugar and make sure I need glucose pills. I check my blood sugar before and after exercise and fast exercise. As I run to Washington, I reduce myocardial doses every day.

"Running and hockey are fun, I'd always better."

To maximize the blood sugar level, diabetes management aims to prevent long-term complications, such as heart attacks, blindness, kidney failure and blood clots. Determining how much time is needed for insulin is very difficult far beyond specific science, and I've never heard that I complained that I was frustrated by the unexpected nature of the illness.

"The worse thing is that the disease affects the people around me," he said. "If you have a small blood sugar episode, the arguments may be disoriented, completely outgrowing and even more, so it affects all those who care, the disease is more difficult for me.

There has been an improvement over many decades of illness, such as lower needles and the level of blood sugar. "It has changed a lot in my 47 years as a diabetic, but the most important is monitoring and cost," Dan said. "When your blood glucose self-monitoring did not exist when I started and now an attached monitor tells me my blood glucose level (all day), almost eliminating nearly the blood sugar infrastructure. However, the costs were monthly $ 10 per month without insurance, with almost $ 300 per month for insurance. "

Diabetes has not been diagnosed by Dan in life and active life. "I was a great family, I traveled a lot, I was a rewarding career, I went up to 4,000 feet, started a challenging race and did more than 1 other type diabetics."

For those who have recently been diagnosed, he said, "The time will be hard and frustrating, but you can manage it. Some days are the spots and your blood sugar is excellent, you're not the other day. Most importantly, you should not stop."

And I agree, I often do not have enough energy to survive.

All data and information on Diabetes are in Boston's Joslin Diabetes Center,


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