Wednesday , October 20 2021

Edited an anti-immigration protest in Edmonton

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Only police officers appeared in the Churchill Square, but after the draw came more. 20 officers joined forces to separate pro and anti-immigration groups around 150 people.

Watch: Edmonton becomes an anti-immigration protest violent

A fierce battle began on Saturday in Edmonton. 1:10

The protests celebrate the second weekend in court to allow protesters to speak against the Canadian plan to accept the United Nations migratory treaty. Many have also talked about the opposition of the carbon tax controversy.

Last weekend there was a peaceful protest, unlike Saturday, where some people were handcuffed.

Proof and anti-immigration groups made partners work on Saturday working on protesters protesting protestants in France.

"Trudeau is not a Canadian support anymore," said Taylor Mansfield. "It helps too much immigration".

Adebayo Katiiti's anti-protest protests with anti-immigration argument.

"They do not know our stories. You're still" Oh, you're coming back. "This is a white privilege," said Katiiti, who is originally from Uganda.

"Racism is dangerous and they are being replaced."

Similar charges were made on Saturdays in Calgary, Red Deer and Fort McMurray.

The police distinguish police and anti-immigration protesters. (CBC)

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