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Edmonton Oilers at Anaheim Ducks (01/13/2015)


Enjoy your lost eight lines game, Duck! Thanks so great hosts. Last score: 4-0 Oilers

After the night LA ​​train, I noticed that my life would not be lost for two hours + and I would not ask too much. I do not like being better than trying to get the best player in the world, but I'm not sure that the organization feels the same way it is based on the head. Lately we've seen the movements we've seen. I mean, the last two journeys made these two healthy weeks tonight, they only had eleven games here, which did not look great, the team honestly expected the players to be part of the solution. Outside of the weather weather, I do not think anybody is misunderstood that GM and crew will keep their job. I know it's a strange way to pick up a night when Oilers closed the 4-0 victory, but they sometimes like winning wins, and not because of that.

However, …

As for the game, I was entertained. I know I wanted to set up this little bar game, but I really liked seeing the team really wanting to compete and getting into NHL, just like the whole ice over Washington Generaled. At the beginning I felt nervous that things did not look good. Ducks crushed the pits and created all sorts of chicken, so that Cam Talbot was as strong as a bell or a man, in order to advance the team. Fortunately, Dadbot started the task and faced up early, the ducks kept ducks and trusted their team to open floodplains. Unlike the fourth day, Oilers could maintain the weather of the opening jittery, they danced at the beginning of the duck and continued running. They retreated to their buggy, and they never doubted, and we had to deal with it 24 hours before. Exceptions have been achieved, goals have been achieved, and even if it was not possible, Oilers scored twice as desperate.

I do not know that Oilers will face his 39-night counterattack and know they will not get four, but it's a big win over the Ducks team. This morning, as I say in GDB, there is no win against Ducsen.


  • The oilers really needed to be on the board the first night, thanks to the captain. Connor McDavid found a loose puck and allowed Gibson in the third or fourth rounds to hit the grid. McDavid puck excellent excellence. Thank you, Connor McDavid, for you. When it's over, I deserve to see these games deserve it and I'm grateful.
  • He won the fourth goal of the season with Jesse Puljujarvi to find a right puck and protect him from using his long reach and collecting Gibson's backhand. That was the case with Puljujar, and I think that many of them can be able to handle it in the slot.
  • Kyle Brodtias made the rookie three goals in the first half to make Ryan Nugent-Hopkins neutral. Nuge stole the robbery and bent him down the crossbar, and Brodzia did not make any mistakes.
  • Leon Draisaitl finished fourth with the goal of the Oilers and toned the Caleb Jones point by 23rd on the night and, after turning off the right hand, he was pumped into the open network. Milan Lucic had a great success, not only his man left behind, but the team members released the wheel and the deal. Lucic will not help in the game, but for me it could be the best season change.
  • Cam Talbot has managed to relieve Koskin's pitch at the start, and I did not know what to expect. In fact, not having Talbot's fine work, all of this arrived for the first time 10 minutes before. When the light oilers were fired and a lead head was built, Talbot saved the last buzzer and finished the work. He finished 33th in winter in the 39th season and in the first half of the season.
  • Second congratulations, thanks to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, scored the first period of Jesse Puljujarvi to record 350, and another one added Brodzik's shortie a minute later. Sometimes, it's wild to remember that Nuge is just 25 years old, he's been 100 years old.
  • Caleb Jones listens to the NHL's voice for recording the first two points of his youth. I know they are making some mishaps with time, but for the first league race, Jones hoped that he would wait for a long time before he expected it. The night was 19:08 and continues to improve.
  • Kris Russell did it a little for the first time and was pleased again. As expected, Russell was throwing his body in a harmful way all night long, and he could tell back the difference he had made. Russell's good night, and Manning continued to play. Russell finished his first game at 22:39 with ice, with three blocked shots and a shot on the net.
  • Killing punishments was perfect at 3/3 night to achieve a false goal and was not much better than that. Oilers punish the excellent work of murderers.
  • The muggy of John Gibson was brought to the trash in the night before tonight. Really help
  • Booze no beetroot. Booze No Beets! EVERYTHING DOES NOT! As always, you can not enter my win-win interview on my Twitter account.

  • I loved winning 4-0 but Oilers did not get 39-26, I'm sure. Yes, Ka, Talbot rock was good tonight and John Gibson was at the other end of the rubbish, but many pucks on your network would not be part of the plan.
  • Yes, I will complain about the reflexes because they give permission crap likes this Without calling players like Connor McDavid. How does the Duchy extend the duration of 60 minutes with all the nonsense and they are only called once? That bull is and everyone knows.
  • Brandon Manning and Ryan Spooner's healthy luncheons were tonight and they did not buy Peter Chiarelli, they would hardly believe.
  • At night Hard Oilers' face in the circle was only 43% in circulation. That's the point, the Ducks group is the third best team, so it's a sense of supremacy in the circle.
07:37 Edmonton Connor McDavid (24) ASST: Zack Kassian (3), Caleb Jones (2) 1-0
16:05 Edmonton Jesse Puljujarvi (4) ASST: Darnell Erizaina (14), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (23) 2-0
19:49 Edmonton SHG – Kyle Brodziak (4) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (24) 3-0
07:25 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (23) ASST: Caleb Jones (3) 4-0
No score

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Source: NHL, official game page, 06/01/2013 – 8:30 p.m. MST

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