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Edmonton Oilers forces Vancouver to visit Vancouver's post-season visit: 9 Things


Hockey game day 34 cultural issue
Edmonton Oilers (12-18-3, 39 pts) at Vancouver Canucks (15-16-4, 34 pts)

Edmonton Oilers got their final 3 games before Christmas.

Unlike a long time ago, a keyboard warrior announced in September that the team "could soon lose eight races and could fall before the race". These oilers, in fact, are the rhythm of the 2016-17 expulsion club.

In fact, the triumph over the victory of Canucks would put Oilers into a strange air, for a long time Santa to make a great trip: the only 3rd place in the Pacific.

Will oilers take a playoff spot on my stock? Cursed straight

9 things

9. Awesome but almost amazing development Evan Bouchard She has a Canadian Junior National team. The tournament championship will be good in the development of the member. But I'm surprised. Bouchard will play 5-13-18 in 13 matches, with an amazing OHL +20 score. Better in mid-January (the AHTs allowed) AHL could have a tougher challenge for improvement.

8. Those who claim "Next" claim (full of generations) are due to young stars that are expected to meet larger patterns. I do not do anything against them Auston Matthews With just a few paragraphs, they write some of them. Vancouver's same excellence Elias Petterson. I look forward to seeing him Connor MCDAVID share the ice But I did not venture with the fan-boy.

7. While Edmonton Oilers drives 2 volleyball volleyball NHL, AHL Bakersfield gets good performances in the pipes. Not a veteran Al Montoya Some as expected. So far Montoya has 879% SV. Shane Starrett In Kondorer (11 games of 0.902) he has got the most water. And last night stranger Dylan Wells 27-store was closed. Arrows up

6. There are also brochures written in Edmonton Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle trades I was the voice of both players. However, some critics have included the Hall of Devils (Eastern 2nd East) and Eberle Islanders (a 4-point eastern brutality) that has been excluded until 2018. The rooms Hall (8) and Eberle (8) 6 have so far been the same Alex Chiasson 14. Comparisons dry? O., but that is the case with firm criticism.

5 Caleb Jones The Oilers organization did not enter into one of the top solutions. The local pedigree draft was not next to Bouchard Darnell Nurse. And Jones had to win a lot to get there today. Keep in mind that only 15% of the players selected for Caleb (4th round, 117th anniversary) play 100 NHL games. At least 5% become more than 6-in / Top-4 D-man. Rewarding

4 Kyle Brodziak He played for Ken Hitchcock first in St. Louis. So he had wings Ty Rattie. If we supply ice-time confidently, the new Oilers coach seems to have a lot of Brodziak and Rattie (at least so far). The Veterans Center has received from its TOI from any other Oilers or more, in a message published in his Edmonton horse. This is mostly a 5 × 5 game and the penalty for killing Buds. Rattie, on the other hand, has seen his TOI fall harder and faster than any other player on the list.

3. Since 1999, NHL has played a regular season game in a game not played by Edmonton Oilers in Vancouver Henrik and Daniel Sedin. As I was tired of seeing twins, I washed my lights off from my favorite team of those years, I admired them as a professional hockey professional. 2018-19 Canucks has lower crews. But it seems a little more hanging than I expected yet. Undoubtedly the twin sedin due to competitiveness and professionalism. Their impact will be good for many young players, now in Canucks. What a gift

2 Leon Draisaitl It attracts a lot of criticism over the season. I have had some theories why I have not yet mentioned: people find a mistake by a player, and other players of the game are connected to multiple things. Well this is just: every player makes mistakes, big or small, every night. When I draw a game, I emphasize the positive and negative effects of noise (so not only do mistakes to imbalance the scoring option, my Hockey culture The co-worker David Staples does it very well). An example of a purpose, the opposite or the opposite (such as David's Statistics), weighs are heavier. As I look over the last 10 Oilers games, the only player is "clean" Connor McDavid: Leon Draisaitl. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is 3rd. Draisaitl also has a speed of 104 points. Only two players have been in season over the last 5 years: McDavid (108) and Patrick Kane (106). # 29 NHL score # 7. Is everything overcome? Yes Had he discarded the wonderful start of Leon Draisail? Zk

1Oscar Klefbom It has 6-8 weeks with multiple fractures on the left leg of your left leg. Some were surprised when a rose-colored injury caused the player to drop too long. Why not a tape in the next and a few weeks? It's not so easy, a doctor from my friend explains. When a Klefbom apparently is an unstable fracture, a pin needs a pin inserted to hold the bone powder. This severe fracture is also a full alignment of the hand, so it usually takes at least 3-4 weeks. In order to be able to imagine, it begins when the total rehabilitation of the hand begins. Only good news is that Klefbom can skate all the time. Therefore, the bouncing back must be done quickly from the foot and from the cardiopumps. What's worth it, I broke my wrist while playing. My diagnosis was also 6-8 weeks. I was back with the playlist (faced with the doctor's wishes) 5 1/2. But I did not even have the same player. He thinks he thinks more than guessing it.

Now … Today's game.

projected Oilers Lines and Pairings









SCRATCHES: Talbot (back-up), Wideman, Rattie, Zykov).


Yes … They have the same Philadelphia-like rhythm as Jones and Benning. Canucks have been back in the second place, winning the last 5-night Flyers 5-1. These two groups are roughly the same in the offense, but Oilers makes fewer goals against it. Canucks is also therapeutic. 3rd edition: It has scored 20 goals more than Edmonton. Vancouver scored 5-3-2 on the 10th, Oilers 8-1-1.

The match will start at 6:00 AM on Sunday.

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