Monday , October 18 2021

Edmonton Oilers Vancouver Canucks (8pm MST, SNW)


Welcome, friends, to a Sunday edition of the GDB, to face Edmonton Oilers with Vancouver Canucks. It's late tonight, if you want to sneak in a quick afternoon.

Is it not uncommon to play tonight in the first season that these two teams have met in this season? For me, Oilers and Canucks will not play against each other, until mid-December, this is another curious thing about this year's schedule, but it is also another that can be good for us. Vancouver started the season in a complete heater, and was really in the era of fighting when the oilers were really close to the Pacific War. Therefore, the conclusion of meetings before today could eventually be good news. During the last month, Canucks won 13 races (1-10-2) in a great race, but with four wins in the final four things changed, including a 5-1 win over Philly last night.

Since oilers sail in the first few days when they get angry with Oscar Klefbom, we see everybody's reversal getting a healthy one minute and responsibility, and to make Fort Winnipeg out of the third stage of Winnipeg's work so far. I do not know for sure that the group is finding a newly renewed couple, who has been in the long-term as long as they are playing, but because the work was fully united, you should be thankful. It's not always nice, but he gets four points four points behind in the back, four without the four top defenses. We now know that Klefbom will be in February, so that the pressure will last for good days and the boys will have a new challenge tonight with a puck networking team.

Outside of Vancouver in Sedin for the first time in Vancouver, Oilers would have to pay extra attention to the six summits of Canucks, apart from the other offenses, as well as the other offenses he had committed. In this reconstruction phase, Canucks has collected some pieces of offensive and Oilers must be their fault, but it has also been an adventure in his field. playoff contention Take advantage of oilers? High-level lines will have a headache tonight and could be a six-point difference. Gorde knows that he could use more second scores here, and it would not be better time tonight than against an opponent division.

Oilers can hitch lock the Hitchcock on their own and limit the quality of Vancouver trainers to high quality, they should be well. If they do not, then we could see that thing to pick a track.

Corsic Greetings Numbers (5 × 5 fancies)

Draisaitl – McDavid – Chiasson
Khaira – Nuge – Puljiravi
Lucic – Brodies – Kassian
Caggiula – Spooner – Rieder

Nurse – Larsson
Gravel – Jones
Garrison – Benning


If we are the only thing we've learned about Ken Hitchcock, I do not want to confuse success, so I want to see the same combination of Flyers on Friday night. As Mikko Koskinen blocked, I think he will get another exit, as if he were cementing more, as the team's launcher … if he questions. At the moment of classification, Oilers has not published its lines yet, but I am sure they are back and editing again, but, as I said, I can not imagine that there will be a lot of changes.

Goldobin – Horvat – Virtanen
Leivo – Pettersson – Boeser
Roussel – Granlund – Eriksson
Schaller – Beagle – Motte

Edler – Tanev
Hutton – Gudbranson
Pouliot – Stecher


Looking at all the trends I've seen on Twitter, I'm really looking forward to the first week of the week for Elias Pettersson to play for the first time. Canucks fans made fun of the banging – Pettersson McDavid is better than the drum in the last season, and I find it very interesting that they were the first to play against each other. Personally, I think that Pettersson has made the art go down under the belt of his Ross trophy, a bit ridiculous, but I'm always good inter-fan shenanigans.

From CanucksArmy:

Both cities have their ATMs reflecting on their hockey team in the last days of Flyers, but one of them will only match one of the two wins of the games. Tonight, Canucks has been invited to Oilers Vancouver in the NHL night game. Certainly, this season was the same, but the irony was different for both teams.

Vancouver did not expect the waves of the season, but it was surprising at the start of the playoff. Edmonton has maintained the season and has become a team that has messed up in April.

Henrik and Daniel Sedin have disappeared, they will take on a new couple of Oilers Destroyers instead of the Edmonton club. Cue Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser.

Photoshop: Tom Kostiuk

Game Daily Prediction: The Oilers is physically mastered by Canucks, and gains a 4-2 win and will make it easier.

Light preview of game play: As Oilers are playing in Vancouver, we will hear their broadcasting team, as it is good for Elias Pettersson and with Connor McDavid. Narrator: it does not.

Not-so-Obvious Game Day Prediction: Milan Lucic shares in his home country with his family and friends.

Source: NHL, Official Game Officer, 12/16/2016 – 10:00 AM MT

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