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Edmonton Oilers vs. Ottawa Senators (03/23/2013)

The Senators are at least the best of the League, right? Final score: 4-3 Senators in separate hours

Looking at the Ottawa Senator list, I was convinced that Edmonton Oilers did most of the time this group was not this group. Sens, basically all those who marketed Karlsson offseason season, are not much more familiar with the names of that group, and you think this would be the great start for our boys. That said, the last time they met these two teams did not go well for our Oiler, and in the last 30 minutes the boys had recovered for a long time. today So, for the first time the Senator had achieved a goal to achieve a goal, I was not really inspired. That said, a lot of things could turn around, and I think that oil would have something to happen in the way.

As the game progresses, the greatest need for Oilers I've put their puck options in their field, and more importantly, they're out of the penalty box. During the second period, Ottawa was much better off keeping the chances of being outside of the ice and while still allowing many shotguns, most of them with a clear distance and a clear line of sight. ball This honesty allowed Oilers to keep things together for a second time and to keep up the mix. When the score was included in the last frame, it was a game of all, and Oilers had to put down the hammer in order to ensure that they were far away from two points in the afternoon. And both teams negotiated goals at the beginning, the third time was not repaired and the bonus hockey was a winner.

Unfortunately, Oilers could not create a shot at the AT period, despite all sorts of time, and gave the Senator a chance to populate windows. As I wrote in the GDB in the morning, like Captain of the Titanic, I'm going to travel next to the Pacific Ocean until the bottom of the ocean. However, the loss of the current senator casts another hole.


  • Alex Chiasson scored Darnell Nursing in Andersson. Thereafter, Chiasson pulled out a little tightly pulled bag, raised the puck and scored his goals for the 21st season.
  • Connor McDavid scored the match in the minute 38 and Draisaitl executed 2-on-1. Both of them made some quick passions, before Connor pours off Anderson's puck to finish things.
  • At times, when Sens got a third-time lead, Colby Cave responded by Craig Anderson aside his bracelet's hand. Joseph Gambardella made a pretty good job and Cav did not make a mistake. You need to have that answer after having given another tough goal.
  • I wanted to give Darnell Nursery ease Alex Chiasson to rest on his goal. Darryl knocked on the tape all over the flight, and I was a fan. The nurse finished the night at 22:46 TOI, with a help, one hit, two shot goals and three blocked shots.
  • Another voice has given Andrej Sekera to his 700th match today. I said before, and I will say again now, but Seker was pleasant to see since he came back from the Achilles injuries. I certainly do not expect, but I'm really enjoying it. This guy is a smart hockey player.
  • Paajarvi at least not got it? He did get help anyway.

  • Oilers is a game to win, and as far as the AHL list is concerned, they were not very upset.
  • Senator Brady Tkachuk got his first place after leaving behind the skateboard of Adam Larsson, when Mikko Koskina's exits went well. Good Luck Aim to put the halls in the morning. Tkachuk won the OT in the game after finding a hole in the Koskin glove and then grabbed a wristband.
  • Bobby Ryan rescues the Senator after he has obtained second place in second place, Thomas Chabot has found faucet. Leon Draisaitl was able to clear the area but tried to avoid bypass. The detected passage and a few seconds later became a goal.
  • Brian Gibbons initially succeeded in securing the third position of the Senate for the third time, after the release of Oilers after his assignment, he was unlucky.
  • Thanks to the bouncer against Columbus Blue Jacket, Mikko Koskin's bridge turned around this afternoon. The team has been consistent with Edmonton Oilers during its first season, and I really hope that he can use the last eight games to continue playing. Without a doubt, I would not blame Koskin about that loss, I would have allowed another couple of goals I would like to suggest, that is, Tkachuk's OT winner. Koskin finished 31 nights savings and 858 savings.
  • The reflection of Ottawa Senators from 35 to 29 is not an excellent appearance.
  • The PK team was a night disaster tonight, with two options that were achieved with the goals that were completely prevented.
  • We've been through Rieder for many years, right?
  • This is pain. #BeetCast will appear in a few minutes and you can join the conversation on my Twitter account.
04:37 Ottawa PPG – Brady Tkachuk (18) ASST: Christian Wolanin (6), Dylan DeMelo (17) 1-0
08:12 Edmonton Alex Chiasson (21) ASST: Darnell nurse (29) 1-1
15:28 Ottawa PPG – Bobby Ryan (14) ASST: Thomas Chabot (37), Colin White (23) 2-1
02:54 Edmonton Connor McDavid (38) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (52), Zack Kassian (10) 2-2
07:37 Ottawa Brian Gibbons (6) ASST: Magnus Paajarvi (6), Oscar Lindberg (9) 3-2
08:33 Edmonton Colby Cave (3) ASST: Joseph Gambardella (2), Sam Gagner (6) 3-3
02:09 Ottawa Brady Tkachuk (19) 4-3

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Source: NHL, Game Official Page, 2013/2-19 – 4:45 pm MT

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