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Edmonton Oilers vs. St. Louis Blues (12/18/2014)


Gross Final Score: 4-1 Blues

On Sunday night after a catastrophe in Vancouver, after a game caused by punishment and non-punishment, it seemed very interesting for me to recover the cocks against Blues tonight. Would they fall into the wrong and progress on Sunday, or would the players feel the frustration they progress? Personally, I was in a comparative effort and oh, how wrong I was. Every year, considering the St. Louis day, Blues Oilers is a group that should find a way to overcome each time and although they could do it in the first round, I still remember how badly this game started. In this game, Oilers opened for just 20 minutes before the applause and comedy, when I went back to the night, I waited for the doses. Instead, I got the two old oilers to collect the holes in our ship.

Since Oilers were not bad early in the last season when they met these groups, they certainly did not want to get open. As the game progressed, Edmonton found a bit of fixing and made a little circuit to stop rumors of penalties. When Blues sent him a penalty, a corner was turned and the goals would come. I am sure Oilers would have done well that they did not get on Vancouver on Sunday. Unfortunately, Oilers' powerplay could not have been better at night when they needed the most, and probably the cost of the game. In fact, if they had not done anything, maybe Maroon would not reach the reddish point, he would come across a coffin set in Tarasen's house a few minutes later.

Who knew that your special team was failing to win so badly?

The wrap.

  • Jesse Puljujarvi has joined the Blues defensive cover on one occasion and is surprised by Allen. Jujhar Khaira is excited about making a little Puljujarvi shot.
  • Darnell Nurse I like the game again tonight. It seems to me that he is doing a good job of collecting his places, leaving him unhurried and hitting his skate. A nurse had another night for another night, when the team finished at 28:42.
  • I do not know that I'm still quite ready, but I really liked that Caleb Jones played in the last two games and I'll see that he got his first NHL score. In each change, it is a fun way to get to the right place when it sees it more and more conveniently and at its own speed.
  • Cam Talbot began his first exit from the Winnipeg OT, and I was curious how to manage it. Although Perron had a good score, a lot of people could be tried, Talbot kept his team in play, probably more than worthy. If it were not it, this would arrive sooner, especially at the beginning. I know he's going to take a hot spot in the comments section, but I do not think that Cam Talbot was having that issue tonight. Dadbot ended the night saving 26% and saving 89%.
  • Some take care of Oilers to reach the Blues from 34-21, but not. I've seen more than not follow puck, but I'd even enter numbers.

  • David Perron scored the goal (of course), and could not do better to adjust his sharp angle, but probably did not have to enter. As I said, it is difficult to make Talbot blame. It's about how well it was, but it seems that people will jump over it.
  • It seems that you do not have to watch puck in the network for more than one purpose. Absolutely ridiculous. Luckily, as Blues won, it was not enough, as Patrick Maroon won.
  • Vladimir Tarasen put Blues in two goals after two goals, when Jujhar Khaira started the cross-control of Dunn, and the expansion of the PP. I do not think anyone should tell me how annoying at the Blues Score in PowerPoint, Oilers looked at them, they were useless, but I have to mention it anyway.
  • Although both goals passed two goals and 10 invalid minutes, Oilers decided to strike the goalkeeper. You could expect, Jaden Schwartz got Blues.
  • Powerplay was an absolute disaster tonight. In five options, Oilers did not achieve anything that could happen. PowerPlay in 10 minutes, Oilers got only four shots on the net and it's terrifying. The best thing to say about PowerPlay is to provide an effective clock time.
  • Do not let another goal to kill the penalty night and night 1/3. The incident was violent for special groups.
  • If you get 10 minutes from 10 to 30 years old, man's advantage is absolutely nauseous.
  • I missed that dog tonight and I'm very happy to eat beet again. As always, you can not enter the conversation into my Twitter account.
08:12 St. Louis David Perron (11) ASST: Jay Bouwmeester (5), Brayden Schenn (12) 1-0
07:25 Edmonton Jesse Puljujarvi (3) ASST: Jujhar Khaira (11), Caleb Jones (1) 1-1
02:19 St. Louis Pat Maroon (2) ASST: Robert Thomas (8), Tyler Bozak (10) 2-1
11:43 St. Louis PPG – Vladimir Tarasenko (10) ASST: Brayden Schenn (13), Jaden Schwartz (11) 3-1
18:09 St. Louis EN – Jaden Schwartz (3) ASST: Brayden Schenn (14), Ryan O & # 39; Reilly (19) 4-1

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Source: NHL, official game page, 18/12/2014 – 9:45 p.m. MST

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