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Edmonton was a police officer who was persecuted


Fiona Moffat in 2004


Edmonton has found a company guilty of harassment and is said to be a lie about researchers.

Const. Fiona Moffat was ordered by Edmonton Police Service (EPS) on Wednesday after 22 years, according to a written 28-percent RCMP Supt. Fred Kamins, whose hearing of discipline was headlined for a long time.

"This is happening through EPS through human resources," said police spokeswoman Cheryl Voordenhout on Friday.

The Edmonton Police Association agrees with the decision and seeks its options.

The behavior of Moffat called Kamins "is nothing short of scandal."

"I found it particularly inappropriate in the matter," he wrote. "The willingness of a co-worker, police services policy, procedures and acceptable social interactions in the workplace, a nine-month deadline … Those who have bad behavior in two other officials have more characters, they show a character deficit."

More serious, Kamins wrote, was the Moffat's decision to trick researchers into a professional Standard Branch (PSB) during his behavioral probe.

"Only if they were misconducted," he wrote, "and the official acknowledged that, and after appealing to the prosecution he had initiated in the process, he persuaded that conviction would survive and that rehabilitation was possible and appropriate, which was not an option. "

"It hurt the celebration in the community and in the police service," he concluded. "It has harmed the public reputation of the police service."

Moffat was a civilian co-operative, Romaine Fleck-Brezinski, among the accused of harassment, co-operated in two police communications networks and evaluated 911 calls.

Fleck-Brezinski Police Kevin Brezinski's former sister-in-law. He said in an interview he had not talked for many years and left the police service in 2016.

Fleck-Brezinski worked for 11 years as a 911 civilian operator.

Initially, it was a collective working environment, breakfasts and potluck dinners were common. He joined the Moffat unit in 2013, and at the beginning there was no conflict between two, he heard it. But Fleck-Brezinski soon realized that a group of four contrasts, between Moffat, were taken to another way. When he entered the room, Moffat would move away. It seems that efforts have been made to stop civilians and groups.

Moffat began to hear the rumor calling him "b–" and "c-" behind him. For a moment, the conflict was overwhelming on a set of window windows. There was also an incident that happened on Sunday morning at a breakfast in the morning. Moffat and many other officers took part in McDonald's support.

Moffat said Fleck-Brezinsk was hearing that he was listening to his life, when he learned that Moffat was spreading rumors with a cooperative.

The hearing also examined analyzed 2014 email, noted a Moffat attack on Facebook post Fleck-Brezinski made about income fraud scams – information Moffat was persuaded that it violated the privacy.

"Wtf!" Moffat wrote: "I go there and think I'm punching in my throat."

Fleck-Brezinski submitted a complaint on January 5, 2015.

"It was really terrifying," he said. "One of the great jobs that I suddenly loved was activated, and it was really a toxic place. I did not want to go to work, because I never had to.

Moffat was initially charged with an offense and conduct disobedience under the Police Act. He later mentioned his hatred of 11 accounts, the answers to PSB without interruption, about Fleck-Brezinski's feelings.

Moffat ultimately guilty of unknown conduct and two fraud accounts. More than three sisters were found guilty and no one was.

After court trial, the power of deciding whether or not police officers should be resolved is much greater.

Kamins has stated that this service receives hundreds of complaints annually and that the service should send a message to the "Professional Standards Regulation will not be accepted".

In addition, although Moffat claimed to be guilty, when he said that he was falling "a rubber sword", he wrote "his tongue was false" by email. "Thus, the Professional Standards Office proved to lie."

PostMedia Moffat and his lawyer arrived but they did not hear it by season. According to Pat Nugent, Moffat does not have a disciplinary record and does not "reach out to his policeman."

He commented that his behavior was not so much revealed, as in the case of officials who were employed.

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