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Egyptian actress Rania Youssef reveals dresses


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Ms Youssef says "probably wrong" dress

An Egyptian who is dressed in an attractive dress at the Cairo Film Festival judges it, "refuses to write."

Rania Youssef showed most of her legs in black and black outfits, with many Egyptians rotting, although some said what to wear.

He was imprisoned for five years, if it is guilty, the court said AFP.

Ms Youssef apologized.

At age 44 he was not dressed in dresses, even if he had a discussion.

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The two lawyers, Amro Abdelsalam and Samir Sabri, were known to be famous for court.

Youssef's appearance "did not meet the values, traditions, and morals of society, and, as a result, weakened the reputation of the holiday and the popularity of Egyptian women," said Sabri AFP.

Egyptian Synopsis also criticized "appearance of some guests" and "undermined festivities and unions".

In a social media post, The actor said "probably written incorrectly" to wear dressing.

"I was the first time I wore it and I did not realize that there would be so much rage," he said.

"I have reaffirmed the commitment to values ​​we have raised in Egyptian society," he added.

Last year, an Egyptian judge was imprisoned for two years by Shaimaa Ahmed, and he was reduced to one year later, when he showed a video in her underwear, suggested eating bananas.

Meanwhile, in January, prosecutors arrested another singer Laila Amer, listening to her music video, showing dancing and suggestive gestures.

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