Saturday , June 10 2023

Elon Musk burns the NASA because smoking gemixes live on the internet


Jim Bridenstine of NASA's Administration has informed the reporter that, Thursday, Elon Musk's quitting smoking "does not inspire confidence", said Atlantic.

Musk's SpaceX company is under a NASA security review after incandescing Cannabis podcasts in September "Joe Rogan Experience".

Now Bridenstine has published an opinion on the incident that has taken place for the first time. A meeting of reporters said: "I can say that it was not helpful, and that was not inspired by trust, and an organization that needs to take the leaders of these organizations to take on an American astronaut."

Bridenstine personally instructed security review on SpaceX and Boeing providers, as revealed by The Washington Post. But he stressed that Musk wanted to make a review of the corporate culture before the fat smoked.

His decision was influenced by the tragedy of NASA's history, including the fire of Apollo 1 in 1967, the tomb of three astronauts on the ground and the two disaster static disasters in 1986 and 2003.

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Answer by Bridenstine is always a question that the NASA culture has contributed to these accidents. "What was the culture of our contractors, and there were people who did not hear the red flag we are listening to, and, ultimately, the culture failed and, in these cases, the disaster." he said.

Atl√°ntico Marina Koren asked the burning of Bridenstine Musk on a live online socks tummy red flag. "I think that was not helpful," he replied.

Bridenstine also said "the number of conversations" about Musk's behavior. "I will tell you, everyone is committed to safety, and understands that this was not the right behavior, and you will not see that again," he continued.

Business Insider contacted SpaceX and NASA for a comment.

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