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Elon Musk could not convince Nintendo with Mario Kart to join Tesla's Electric Car Line

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Tesla, Inc. (first Tesla Motors) is about making electric cars more viable and cheaper. Elon Musk, the founding CEO and behind the technology – the head of the SpaceX program – thinks outside of the box.

According to IGN, Musk endeavored to collaborate with Tesla for Nintendo and release a car version Mario Kart. This was short Twitter exchange While Musk discredited the private video game played by Tesla during the automobile while loading cars. When a user asked about the Mario Kart series, Musk said the manufacturer had approached Nintendo, but Japan would not allow it. It seems, however, that Musk turns Valve's Steam digital service into an idea that eventually becomes an option.

Sadly, Musk did not explain why Tesla Nintendo refused. We'll guess and say that Nintendo wants to be loyal to the Mercedes automotive manufacturer, after publishing a special DLC Mario Kart 8 Deluxe A few years ago

Videoconferencing is not exactly new. In fact, Musk announced the classic Atari titles Missile command and Centipede Tesla cars would play and it happened in October. Nintendo's past and current system allows no one to ask what Mario Kart will have to be inside of a car, because there may be many years now. Registration is a rumor, and if the car is a move, some people have lower experiences. If there is any doubt, we will have a better idea Mario Kart Tour In 2019 it gets to the mobile phone.

What do you think of Elonen's idea to add Mario Kart Tesla to the car? Do you think Nintendo would be good advertising? Or do you think the decision is correct? Tell us below.

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