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Elon Musk works for 80 hours a week – how your health affects you


Changing the world is hard work. More than 40 hours of work can be done week-long, according to a tweet made by Elon Musk last week.


SpaceX and Tesla CEO sometimes suffered a "unlucky" one-year, sleeping on the factory floor and working over 120 hours per week. The BILATERRA says, since then, 80 to 90 hours per week become "more durable".

Those who want to encourage charismaticism should also be careful, say experts. While reduced time starts from the beginning, some warn that daylight hours can have a negative impact on people's health and productivity every day.

The problem, in part, is sleep deprivation. Working between 80-90 hours a week works 11 to 18 hours per week. This schedule does not take much time, including more sleep.

Rest is not enough to allow a person to creatively and mentally think. "Sleep Privilege causes cognitive impairment that can lead to dangerous and costly mistakes and work-related injuries," says Janet Kennedy, a clinical psychologist and creator of NYC Sleep Doctor. "It also increases the tendency of diseases, depressions and anxieties, all of which commit to productivity."

While Musk refuses to pay his work, Kennedy says "he still does not know enough time to load." These 80 hours are likely to be very intense, he says, and may not be connected to email, text or social networks.

The quality loop does not reach for just seven hours, warns. The cross needs time to transition, slow down and the body fixes itself. "Stress takes a lot of embarrassment on the ground, especially when it is unstable," says Kennedy, with adrenaline stress and need to rest.

Musk has admitted that his team has put on long hours this year, sometimes 100 hours a week. "There was no such thing," said Recode in an interview this year to explain how challenging the car companies are to succeed.

Meanwhile, Musk acknowledges the need for a change. In November, Musk said he was "a tough working time schedule", but not a nonsense job, and Kara Swisher, the journalist said, rested the creator.

However, this year, in difficult times, he said, "I would like to stay for a short time, work, sleep a few hours, work in seven days a week".

Musk also revealed that 120-hour programming was exhausted, "nutty", and he liked burning a bunch of neurons. "

"Nobody should put up your work for many hours," Axios said last week. "This is not recommended by anyone".

It improves the level of pain when it exceeds an 80-hour mark.

He added, "You'll have to go a little bit Bonkers if you work 120 hours a week."

Some of Silicon Valley's leaders, such as the founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, have been paying attention to long-lasting hours of entrepreneurship in a synonym. Constant "hustling", without a time of family or rest, "not only for your business, but also for harmful effects on your well-being," said this European technology conference.

Those looking to build big things should consider 80-90 hours work week difficult for most people, especially at high performance levels. "It is very likely how far it will go," says Kennedy. "This level of stress takes a real toll."

Poor concentration, difficulties in finding out your words and sleepwalks can be unwanted signs and you may have the opportunity to reach your breakpoint.

"Productivity requires fuel and we have to load everything," says Kennedy. "Although Tesla needs to connect a bit".

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