Sunday , May 9 2021

Elon Muskek reveals SpaceX Starship

On Thursday, Elon Musk published on Twitter on SpaceX Starship, said a rocket will send one day to Marsara.

Soketa feels retro, recalls the rockets that appear at the beginning of science fiction. Musk's image has a person standing next to him to illustrate his scale.

Ceiling – Big Falcon Rocket is known as the original "hopper" and a part of both sides of Musk's hopes for human beings on the planet.

Starship orbital will be similar to the Falcon rockets, which should be in two phases: Starship over the Earth's gravity Super Heavy Booster from the Earth's surface and then the star that Starship will take to Mars.

When Falcon 9 phases were tested vertically and landed (VTOL), Starship will perform and will not have any lengthy career. Musk said in a tweet that the test run should begin in the next four to eight weeks.

If everything goes well, the spacecraft will finally be placed on Super Heavy, similar to the successful Falcon Heavy in February 2018 and to Mars. That's what Starship, Muskek tweeted, "it is taller, it has thicker skins (it does not wrinkle) and smoothly curves your nose."

SpaceX is preparing its Crew Dragon launch to start the Space Station of the astronauts. In 2014, NASA awarded SpaceX and Boeing contracts to create spacecraft for astronauts to create U.S. from ground to space. Since 2011, the agency relies on Russian Soyuz rockets, approximately 80 million dollars per flight. It was launched on January 17, but as a result of the United States blockade, it was pushed as early as February.

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